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  1. I liked when boyfriend put the #1 thing that cats hate and I liked when boyfriend ate gorefleds #1 snack

  2. Boyfriend, being the 20 iq dummy he is, eats Garfield’s lasagna instead of him, Whitty gets yeeted twice, and that annoying Miku Faker finally gets blown to smithereens…I hope.

    All in all, good animation! 👍

  3. Finally someone remembers skid and pump and not like the others who's completely ignoring them
    Edit: who took the 6th like? Show yourself if you're a man

  4. For me its bf fold bacause hes eating his cake🍰🍰🍰🍰😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  5. leccion del dia nunca te comas la lasaña de garfield

  6. Boyfriend eating garfield favourite lagsana 😂😂

  7. Golden Scout Got Corrupted!
    He Was Finding Commander He Got Corrupted
    Finding It Medic And Survivors
    Are Gone.
    Zombies Got Corrupted.
    The Lobby
    Ducky D00M Was corrupted
    the World Is Coming …

  8. I love the story and I love your video. Excellent animation. Have a nice time everyone

  9. You are the best gossip every day I'm sad I always like your channel, thanks😀$

  10. How many people have seen all the the episodes because they just keep recycling their content

  11. is it just me or no ones going to talk about how whitty keep sacurfising himself to save the world

  12. Wow, the idea in this video is so cool. I really like your video 😍😍😍

  13. No whites were harmed in the makeing of this video

  14. You mean to tell me Boyfriend used a cucumber to take down Garfield like that. WHAT?????

  15. The sound track of nightmare run FNF from 2 minute mark plays

  16. Imagine getting a heart from best story channel

  17. Your video is so captivating, I can't stop watching it😚😍

  18. Friday night funkin VS cartoon cat

    Please animation 🙏

  19. Date night masses plss 🙏🙏

  20. Animation and animator pls the best 😎

  21. Pobre de Annie de selecer garcello y gf ellos no merecían morir xd pero Carol es muy tierna con su teléfono uwu

  22. Y otro comentario como selever salió del paquete que lo encerró fera
    De seguro se fue a la chusma na de seguro lo dejo en su casa y creo que hex quedaba en el olvido pero sigue vivo

  23. Che por eso digo que boyfriend es el personaje a odiado por el anime ahre

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