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Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’. The Among Us FNF mod VS Impostor v4 has finally released and it’s massive! In this huge video we completed the main story songs. Next we play the freeplay ones! Enjoy 🙂

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  1. one thing to note with Finale what i thought was amazing. The room you're in is also black himself. If you look at the image in the files you can see its made with his flesh

  2. what if I tell you that you missed 2 whole weeks, the 2 weeks I mean is Week J Jorsawsee to access it, I mean this one is just on top of week 5 😒. and Week H Henry Stickmin, you have to click the teleporter in week 4, it's sitting next to BF.

  3. It’s crazy to me how the Impostorm team managed to make Among Us, the biggest meme in modern day, and turn it into something so high quality. We need to give this dev team all the praise we can cause this mod is way to good for the prompt

  4. Why don't do a doki doki takeover 💝? You'll love it.

  5. vapor you didn't lose beans i think thats how much beans you got

  6. Could you play the demo to my mod when it comes out? It should come out sometime this year! It’s called Friday Night Funkin’ Lost Souls Forest

  7. Hello vapor pls reaction happy face fnaf poketoons 7

  8. The first big waited mod that didnt got cancelled

  9. This is the most successful mod to ever come out in fnf history, there was no drama, it didnt get cancelled, and it came out as planned

  10. To get on the week down the week of yellow you need to get in Yellow's week and press the red button that is next bf, you will get the henry stickmin week

  11. It's been ALMOST 3 months since we've got a good fnf mod update!

  12. Vapor, go back to week three and there’s something (Teleporter) next to BF on the right. Click on that with the mouse

  13. I love some of the visual storytelling in this mod. It’s so sad but also so cool seeing Black kill Grey and then train Grey’s mini crewmate to be another imposter. And then continuing this, all imposters are noticeable because they have the visible mouths but the grown up Grey mini crewmate doesn’t have one of these mouths and then Pink is an imposter who wants to be good. These subtle details are wonderful to see instead of everything being just told to you in dialogue

  14. Btw to access a secret week press the little button in the background of the airship week (Mando, D’low, and oversight) there’s a red button in the background.

  15. Make Mini Huggies voice pls ✨

  16. The funny thing is, he only played half of the mod lmfao.

  17. Ok so, i did some investigation and it look's like this is the second mod with more songs, wich is pretty sick

  18. It's just me or these songs had many references to other games like FNAF4 song in meltdown?

  19. Me when v3 came out: bro, there aint no way that they make something better than this mod

    Me when rn: …….(speechless)

  20. Below Airship week is a secret week that can only unlocked by clicking on the Teleporter behind the boyfriend in Mando.

  21. Honestly I liked the whole mood but there is only a problem in the second week the second song there are some effects that were present in the last update especially the second and third songs like dark lighting in the second song and the third song honestly I liked the previous one much more

  22. I love this mod, this is one of my favourite mods

  23. All impostors have mouths grey doesnt so he is no impostor but a corrupted crewmate rampaging with the big black imposter to survive

  24. Actually pink what's the imposter but pink did actually want to make friends if you cause I saw in the song pink had a mouth only in pawn stars have mouths except for imposters with knives sometimes they don't have mouths

  25. Just so you know, the whole mod is about 3 hours long. So you missed about half the stuff.

  26. If you click the teleporter in the 3rd week you can unlock everyone's stickman

  27. The teleport behind boyfriend in airship

  28. you didnt play the henry week if you wana play it click the teleporter in the ship week in the first song

  29. The fact that green as a fake card in sussus toogus

  30. If you click the teleported in week 3 you get a whole week with 4 new songs


  32. This was a great update to the mod the animations and small details of references are amazing.😏👍❤❤❤

  33. React to among Us who it's so funny you can find the video please do a video

  34. Something of note: In Yellow's week you can click the teleporter, the green thing, and get taken to a secret week.

  35. Ayo Boyfriend get peg!? That's something I can not ignore

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