Fresh Roses Mod - Friday Night Funkin' -

Fresh Roses Mod – Friday Night Funkin’

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A mod based on that mashup I made 2 days ago. It wasn’t that hard to chart since I just had to follow Roses’ Chart. This mod was also verified on GameBanana! Hope you enjoy!

Fresh Roses Mod Download:

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  1. apparently senpai is a teacher 🤷‍♂️

  2. Ngl roses is the best song

  3. Cuando falla una ves 1 segendo 7

  4. Everyone: Not pixelleted
    Senpai: I though if im go out from the console i will not being pixellated-

  5. Alt Title:Fresh But senpai Broke out of dating simulator

  6. When they were beatboxing at the end,did boyfriend say ribbit?

  7. Not even a mod you can change dad to senpi

  8. Why dose roses go with everything

  9. Fun fact: pepole really like fun facts the fun facts are so fun right fun fact

  10. ༻𝕀𝕝𝕪𝕒𝕤║ℝ𝔹𝕏༺ says:

    You just clicked on the 7 on the keyboard during the game and changed the Persian… It's not mod!

    P.S.A., oh this mod

  11. Senpai If Get out On Game🤔 be Normal human

  12. i feel like whenever people do a mashup like this, they either steal an already made mashup song, or they make their own. Either way, its gonna be poorly made in that the person who made the song didn't even try to align the vocals with the background beat. It's just so low effort yet so attention grabbing.

  13. ..



    I think I’m the only trash one here :<

  14. when senpai and dad finally agree on something

  15. when you use the wrong formula and get the right answer

  16. i edited this comment u dont know how i got so much likes 😳

  17. this must have been the Roses in the mod of "Everywhere at the of Funk"

  18. If it is fresh roses where are the roses

    It's a joke


  20. Its not the same without the Michael Jackson vibes.

  21. Yousef the cooler man Gamer 2 Roblox says:

    What are you doing today and tomorrow morning and tomorrow night

  22. It’s just roses with the beatbox and fresh instrumental

  23. Can you try HP senpai Play Nevermind that doesn't this just try 8-bit version

  24. Now all we need is a dreams of roses X fresh mashup

  25. WOW! i don't know senpai can beatbox

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