Friday Night Creepin: The Twisted Creators of the Friday Night Funkin Fandom -

Friday Night Creepin: The Twisted Creators of the Friday Night Funkin Fandom

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Friday Night Creepin: The Twisted Creators of the Friday Night Funkin Fandom

Friday Night Funkin is a notable game full of notable content creators. Unfortunately for us, some of those content creators got a couple of skeletons in the closet, so today we’ll be taking a small dive to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Friday Night Funkin may be a popular game for kids, but they need to learn about the facts behind some of their favorite content creators.

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00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Shannon Sunday
03:14 – The_Mayz/MayMays4Dayz
17:49 – AmorAltra
25:13 – Bluskys
36:18 – Mirth/Kodomodachi
45:25 – Thoughts & Outro


  1. Dude I know exactly who the girl in that trippy Shannon Sunday video with the paper bag hat is! That’s BombasticHype. I’ve seen some of her videos and some from the rest of gang she’s apart of (forgot what it was called but I know her BF vizian and a guy named BYOK are part of it). She’s only 14 and tbh, I feel super bad for her. I’m sure she vented to her gang after the experience.

  2. Do you know what I think this is from? Loss of control. By that I mean they let their popularity get to their head. They think they’re on top of the world because they’re so popular. They think they’re unstoppable. They think they’d just get some smack on the wrist if somebody tried to call them out. Boy, are they wrong… All it takes is ONE voice to get them shut down.

  3. Honestly, I lost interest in FNF a long time ago. Mainly because it's overrated and the game in general reminding me of my former partner from my 2nd relationship, which isn't a good thing, my 2nd ex was super abusive. But I do love DDR more! 😀

  4. Being part of the fnf fandom feels like a double edged sword the content from mods is amazing but the creators of those mods can just randomly be revealed to be terrible people it's the whole reason I developed a separate art from the artist mentality It always felt like every week we had some mod creator getting exposed the most devastating of which was amor and revie (before she was proven innocent) with amor being part of a popular group in the community and revie being part of one of the most big mods

  5. Im still waiting for week 8 or the full @$$ game

  6. Also! Mirth loves to delete any following comments on her new videos about any of the allegations. Pretending to be a completely new person that the ones you actually enjoy her talent aren’t even aware! It makes me so upset, but thank you for giving everyone awareness on these topics Lanza!

  7. they!re all innocent and victims, sorry to burst your bubble <3

  8. Tbh, I kinda miss amoraltra, mainly because he wasn't only in the fnf community, but also in another community of a game I'm also into into: geometry dash. Now I'm not agreeing that he did anything good, neither I'll never will, but I kinda want to see him come back and apologize

  9. Here’s an idea. Maybe don’t allow kids into a fandom about a game that features adult content. It’s practically asking for shit like this to happen.

  10. I know it isnt necessary to say this but one of the victims of shanon is actually bombastichype if im correct

  11. 19:33 To those wondering(or didn’t read the list on the screen) who was the person that got sick from overworking, the person was TaeYai, one of the coders of the mod, and a coder for a lot of popular mods including her own mod

  12. I just hope GuitarHeroStyles doesn't get into the fnf fandom

  13. Tbh I've kinda grown to essentially avoid getting attached to mods unless they absolutely peak my interest bc y'know, the mod creator/director could just be randomly be outed as a horrible person.

  14. There are a lot of fnf Discord servers with RP and vent channels.

    Filled with grown men who are taking advantage of these stupid kids venting about how bad their day of school was. These adults set off a bunch of Red flags and convince these kids into doing roleplay but there's always some weird fetish Implemented.

  15. The only one who I'm gonna be letting slide for now is Mirth just because the Kirby videos were pretty funny. But I'm gonna be keeping an eye on her still.

  16. one of the many reasons i left the fnf community.
    im not gonna say which fandom im in now as this place is filled with fnf fans and i dont feel like getting harassed, bullied, or threatened.

  17. I literally cant take that one dude's art seriously its so trash

  18. Video: gets to amor
    Me: alright we all know where this is going so let’s just skip to the end.

  19. I always see good in people and think they deserve another chance. However I barely see good in Amor but I would still give him another chance since everyone should deserve one no matter what they did. I’m not saying I support Amor so don’t hate me on that
    Oh but if people already had a 2nd chance then no. They should be nowhere near the community. The very toxic community who can’t take jokes

  20. while Mirth is right in one thing; talking with a minor non-sexually is not a crime, her response to it is just plain dumb, she is 19 and she has no common sense in something so obvious it hurts? she believed dating was the same as being a "sister" ffs, guess me and my brother are dating then by her logic.

  21. I honestly do not see why the nsfw folders are weird and should be mentioned hell i used to make jokes about mine but from experiance i used to have a 30 GB folder from like 3 years of downloading NSFW i clear mine out regularly now but if you arent clearing that out itll build up pretty fast without you noticing the only time i see that as bad is if you have CP in there tbh

  22. The amor drama really upset me the most, I loved the Bob ane Bosip mod and to see him abuse his power by being an asshole and creep just shocked me and almost made me lose hope in the FNF community, It is also revealed that Mayz has an alt which he turned off comment’s since Toastify was the one who really brought attention to it:

  23. literally a bunch of pieces of shit accusing each other over nothing and blowing everything out of proportion lolololol

  24. Every fnf modders turns out to be a pedo in a few months after their mod gets popular and Im pissed because they got so much talent

  25. Oh lord AmorAltra. I see him as a person who took out his sexual urges in a horrible manner by threatening others, so I hope he learns his lesson while he is young before he becomes a sexual offender at a later age. Even I was disheartened by his behavior and I looked up to his mod, Bob and Bosip. Dude needs help frfr

  26. Comments remember that not all mods creator are bad and remember there is the good side of fnf

  27. I can't look at any new up and coming creator of pretty much anything without being wary. There's a concerning amount of bad apples nowadays.

  28. The fact Amor is Indo makes me more sad That hes making our country a bit bad

  29. What happened to your discord server?
    I cant find the inv link anywhere

  30. do you know that the mayz came back as "TheNewMayz"?

  31. It’s sad to see this game going from wanting to celebrate newgrounds to having a lot of groomers within the fandom

  32. Mirth actively deletes comments calling it out

  33. Heh. I don't trust those naughty idiots. And then FINNALY THEY ARE A GOD DAMN DEAD!.

  34. The Mayz actually came back now and has a new channel called thenewmayz where he made 2 songs one with dr livesey and one with i think american dad

  35. Fun fact: Sunday night suicide is currently owned and being made by shipy and her team. Mayz actually attempted to take it back and Harrass shipy for it but ended up losing

  36. why is every1 in this fandom either an annoying child or a fucking pedo? humanity was a mistake – . –

  37. Yeah, but Friday Night Funkin is actually made for teens. Many background images not for kids lol. Even includes Pico, the most gory character known in newsgrounds.Hell, even ninjamcmuffin made a sex scene for week 8. Eventually this game will be actually known for what it’s supposed to be.

  38. mirth is gonna get what’s coming to her eventually

  39. One of the community i have been around is the Dave and Bambi Community. The community is pretty chill and sometimes chaotic. As a Matter of fact, The dude that made "Screwed" was called out from a trans joke and Moldy had to remove the song, he replace it with Mealie. Over all, The Community is great. (Sorry for the broken english)

  40. Your video is great Lanza but I need to mention that The MayZ is still making content but on a new channel with a new OC that is a Orange furry and so far from the last time I checked he's made a mod about American Dad and Dr. Livesy from the Russian Treasure Island cartoon.

  41. The title sounds like a cursed mod someone would make

  42. You know something is up when Peter griffin has something to tell you

  43. Alternative title: Top 5 reasons why Friday Night funkin' isn't a Kids Game

  44. That The_Mayz and ArmorAltra situation is truly a Disstrack worth.

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