Friday Night Funkin'【Undertale Sans VS Frisk Style】& How to Install Mod -

Friday Night Funkin’【Undertale Sans VS Frisk Style】& How to Install Mod

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Video content is a demo of a rhythm
action game called Friday Night Funkin’.

Gameplay is to control the right side character.
When the four arrows “←↓↑→” move up to the
arrow frame, click to score
(life at the bottom of the recovery screen).
Victory is achieved when life is full.

00:00 | Intro
00:41 | First Round
02:24 | Second Round
03:38 | Third Round
05:08 | How to Install Game
06:46 | How to Install Mod 1
09:26 | How to Install Mod 2
12:10 | End Screen

Game content character is not the
original character of the game,
but is modified by downloading the Mod file.

Unlike Sans VS Frisk in Bonetale game,
the player is operating Frisk.

Game Download Link:

Video latter part is
tutorial (How to install Mod) ,which is
basically just to replace the original
material of the game, such as Boyfriend…etc.

Following are the mod files used.
These two mods have no
duplicate content (file names),
so they can be installed together.

Sans Undertale Mod:

Frisk Undertale Mod:

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1.The game must be installed
on the “System Disk” to start. For example,
if the Windows system is placed in the C slot,
the game must be placed in the C slot.

2.Pay attention to the problem of material
duplication when installing multiple Mods.
For example, if two Mod files have the same
character as the BoyFriend character,
only one of them can be installed.


  1. 時間軸:
    00:00 | 開場 Intro
    00:41 | 第一輪 First Round
    02:24 | 第二輪 Second Round
    03:38 | 第三輪 Third Round
    05:08 | 如何安裝遊戲 How to Install Game
    06:46 | 如何安裝Mod檔案1 How to Install Mod 1
    09:26 | 如何安裝Mod檔案2 How to Install Mod 2
    12:10 | 結束畫面 End Screen遊戲內容角色並非遊戲原本的角色,

  2. Nice, I remember watching your channel in the past, like around 2009. I didn't have an account back then, but then I came across this video in the pfp of the channel looked familiar to me, and I remember it's you.

  3. 請教一下,想問大大是否也知道怎麼在這款遊戲製作屬於自己的角色MOD呢?

  4. bang buat cara download fight night funkin di hp please

  5. 曼尼琳各真的需要練習一下,用簡單也有露

  6. 您好,我打算安裝 frisk mod,但它已被刪除。如果是這樣,你能再給我發一個鏈接嗎?

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