Friday Night Funkin' Althea VS Girlfriend | GF's High School Friend (FNF Mod: Heavenly Harmony) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Althea VS Girlfriend | GF’s High School Friend (FNF Mod: Heavenly Harmony)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Althea VS Girlfriend (Heavenly Harmony FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but this time GF meets her High School Friend. @DatDavi – Director:

In this video, I’ll show off every single song from the Heavenly Harmony mod, game over animations, loading screens, and a lot of incredible artwork concepts that were in a hidden google drive site. This video does not include Boyfriend at all, it’s just girlfriend meeting up with her old high school friend. The only time you see BF is in one of Althea & GF’s loading screens. The art from this mod is so cute, reminds me a lot of the kou’s mod.

VS Althea | Heavenly Harmony OST Full OST

VS Althea | FNF: Heavenly Harmony Mod Download:

Game Note: A friendly encounter at the Festival. We follow the POV of Girlfriend, who, on her adventures, stumbles across a local festival, and meets an ol’ high school friend – Althea! During their meet-up, Girlfriend suggests they partake in karaoke for fun, and Althea reluctantly agrees. Play as Girlfriend as you sing in three main week songs and one bonus song, with plenty of Pinoy references thrown about!

A fully original OST
Visually stunning custom menus
Plenty more awesome custom art!
A nice and fresh mod experience you’ll surely enjoy 😀
We hope you enjoy FNF: Heavenly Harmony!

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Althea VS Girlfriend Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview / Story
00:40 Intro
00:48 Title Screen
00:57 Menu
01:12 Week List
01:19 Cutscenes 1
03:08 1) Wistful – Song (Althea vs Girlfriend)
04:17 Sounds cool
04:51 Cutscenes 2
05:12 2) Heavenbound – Song
06:08 I feel something here
06:39 It sounds awesome
07:05 Beatboxing & last part
07:57 Cutscenes 3
09:18 3) Revelation – Song (Angel Althea vs Demon GF)
09:50 It sounds awesome
10:20 They’re going all out now
10:48 It sounds awesome
11:30 They look at you
11:38 Ending
11:56 Freeplay
12:10 4) Chikahan – Song (Althea vs Smug GF, just look at her face)
14:33 Credit & Full menu theme
15:33 Unlocked new title screen
15:45 Best friends forever (Loading Screens)
16:04 Pause Menu
16:12 Menu Art
16:22 Option Art
16:30 Extras
17:09 Misses and All Game Over Animations
17:38 My Message
18:02 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Althea Mod below
@DatDavi – Director/Musician/Charter

@GLITCHDROID – Artist/Animator

1412yuuuuu – Artist:

Aleonepic – Sprite Arist/UI:

AnnikiVee – Artist:

astrid – Concept Artist/Character Designer:

DummiiDusty – Animator:

Genix/JohnsonNewbie – Charter:

JamFleecy – Voice Actor/Musician:

KaosKurve – UI/Logo Artist:

LiterallyNoOne – Musician:

LuvSeals – Musician:

ocean_hairuuu – Artist:

SableWolf – BG Artist/Character Designer:

sakaruchibi – Artist:

yraisel – Pause Menu Artist:

stardustmatrix – Sprite Artist/Cutscene Musician:

sweeeet_n_stuff – Artist:

wedgecuts – Programmer:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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  1. Thank you so much for covering the mod 😀 💜

  2. This mod has so many details, I love it.
    As a Filipino I can recognize a lot of things.
    (dont ask why I made an entire paragraph about this)

    – In the main menu, you can immediately see the Filipino flag, the Jollibee mascot, and some Halo-halo.
    – The background of the main week has an Adobo stand and a Lechon stand, both are Filipino foods.
    – It makes sense for Althea to be an angel, due to ~80% of the Philippines being Christian. (correct me if im wrong pls)
    – In the freeplay song "Chikahan", I could notice a couple of things, there were stands of more Filipino food, the ones I noticed being "Siopao Asado", another stand with some Ube/Purple yam, a Sinigang stand, and a Halo-halo stand. There was one more but I couldn't tell what it was.
    – There are multiple designs representing the Filipino flag around the menus.
    – One of the loading screens are GF and Althea enjoying some Jollibee, a very popular Filipino restaurant.

    At 11:41 it says "thanks for playing"

    Also, I had a classmate named Althea and she looks exactly like that. She's also Filipino.

  3. I am really proud for the fellow Filipinos who worked on a excellent quality mod and also shows the culture of us Filipinos. This really shows that we Filipinos can also make quality mods as well.

  4. WHAT
    huero['gmrepmgprjmpoepiytu ifpiw'e;gji oe
    sorry i cant i cant nh;venijn'wpjphuip tg'ph[pt hi4p5hjli'5q4g
    hnfirlcgtrjgtw[qprkpoqrjljjgquiliqth 34j kgjhliho i5q3ho;p34ou9i ;n.

    for real tho, really enjoyed the normalcy of it

  5. I didn't know the mod creator he/she from a philippines

  6. Im actually shocked my own people made a fnf mod
    I am proud of this mod they have made
    I just love the Filipino refrences
    *Gf mispronouncing our famous fast food restaurant jollibee
    *The adobo and lechon stands
    *The post card,stickers and a ticket for the freeplay and main menu
    *The song chikahan means chatter or them discussing or chatting about something
    This mod really captures how the Philippines really shows
    Im a Filipino and i applaud the devs for creating this beauty

  7. Never thought that there would be a Filipino FNF mod. And it's amazing!

  8. The logos at the bottom part of the menu are:
    1. Boy Bawang (bawang means garlic in filipino), a brand of tasty crunchy, garlic-flavored corn.
    2. Jollibee, basically a better McDonald's
    3. Halo-Halo, a dessert consisting of an assortment of ingredients, which to name a few: Ube Ice Cream (real delicious btw), Sweet Red Beans, Corn, Choco Stick(sometimes not), Gulaman (Filipino Jello), Shaved Ice, Condensed and/or Evaporated Milk.
    Fun Fact: Halo-Halo literally means, Mix-Mix.
    Which basically means, that you can add any ingredients as long as you know that it tastes good if you add it.
    6:38 this part is a reference to one of the oldest songs from Philippines "Chinito"
    11:40 it just means Thank You for Playing, but in Filipino
    P H I L I P P I N E S
    M E N T I O N E D 🇵🇭


  10. How do you get a watermelon pregnant? You pakwan

    If you guys want to know, Pakwan is a tagalog word for watermelon and it sounds like "fuck one"

  11. Omg as a filipino i am happy that this mod got showcased!!!

  12. This mod proofs that there is still some good in the fnf community.

  13. YOOOOO Thank you so much for playing the mod!! I helped make all the menus for the mod 😀

  14. 💫🌱😈🔥🎃🧸💤🌺🐅🕌🕍🕍🕍🕍🏗️🏗️🕍🏗️🏗️🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍🕍⚕️🛃🛃🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄🛄

  15. Of course their milk bottles mean you should touch grass sometimes and eat healthy breakfast what do you think it was honestly😏

  16. bro they are rapping in Philippines 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Finally something that isn't a horror mod of some sort, I mean I like em don't get me wrong, but this just feels refreshing, love the characters too lol.

  18. If anyone was wondering why there is a garlic guy on the main menu, That’s the Boy Bawang Mascot, A chip brand that has small balls of corn chips.

    Also “Chikahan” is a term for gossiping and/or talking to your friends about an experience, So it made sense that they are just walking around gossiping

  19. Very nice mod and a well made dedication for the Filipinos out there. Mabuhay! 😀

  20. I hear a sound that resembles mommy mearest's song

  21. Althea being Carol's twin is my new headcanon.

  22. Girlfriend's friend kinda looks like on Genshin Impact.

  23. 6:09 has References To The Our harmony Song From The DDTO+ mod, Interesting

  24. ,😈🌱💫🔥,👩‍🎤🏞️🧠🩸🧠🩸🧠🩸💔🌟

  25. Lit esperando un mod en dónde gf por un vídeo de community games representé a bf XD 😂

  26. Lit esperando un mod en dónde gf por un vídeo de community games representé a bf XD 😂

  27. Thole gud old days of fnf mods reminded me of ❤️✨️

  28. Wow! This mod is mad Filipino devs?! WOW! Filipino ako!

  29. I'm the only Filipino who plays FNF, other filipino dont know what is FNF?, They cant understand the game but i teach them how to play it, this mod touched my heart, this is my first time that our country can make that mod and im not the only one anymore playing FNF im so happy🎉❤❤❤🎉

  30. なるほど GLですか たいしたものですね

  31. This Mod Is Soo Cute😊❤

  32. i 100% sure that if this mod was introduced in early 2021, althea would be up there with sunday and matt in terms of popularity

  33. Filipino FNF mod moment, it's absolutely adorable and had tons of great beats

  34. I’m proud to say as a Filipino that all Filipinos are great singers, this mod proves it!

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