Friday Night Funkin Anime | SENPAI (FNF Animation) -

Friday Night Funkin Anime | SENPAI (FNF Animation)

LuoKho FNF
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Senpai Friday Night Funkin Anime (FNF Animation) is here.
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  1. Lol i like boyfriend sleeping like a monkey 😹🤣😹😂

  2. 0:47 Girlfriend: I don't wanna Like This Guy Name Senpai. He's Not My Boyfriend Like Senpai 😒

  3. If I play FNF that means I'm the player which means I'm boyfriend which means I know my skills which means this song is too EZ

  4. This animation is pettry good, but i onestly prefer Sky X Girlfriend

  5. Drawing is surprisingly simple but…. How it fits is just not to say

  6. Like for boyfriend & guilfriend for Sempai susbcribe

  7. Is that a tick on girlfriend's belly? It's cute❤❤

  8. Por que les gusta tanto a Gf? Es mejor Sky ❤😍

  9. bf can just punch senpai and the girls not run away

  10. Its beter on gf,*cherry x bf*Keith not senpai x gf*cherry

  11. I'm obviously on senpai side lol he is one of my favorite characters in fnf😍❤️😍❤️

  12. Gf: scared* forgetting shes literally a DEMON and she can kill all of theese fangirls*

  13. Like and subscribe and boyfriend and girlfriend

  14. Ok… I really love the part where GF rejected Senpai and shes loves BF more.

  15. Monika is gonna kill Senpai if she notices,y'know what mean?

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