Friday Night Funkin: Battle Cats - Meatshield Makeover FULL WEEKS (Fan-Made Touch-Up) -

Friday Night Funkin: Battle Cats – Meatshield Makeover FULL WEEKS (Fan-Made Touch-Up)

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Official showcase of an unofficial version of FNFBC that I should’ve made months ago
Meatshield Makeover! True to its name, this fan-made, well, makeover of FNF Battle Cats aims to give life to the unused concepts of the scrapped build we got, adding a bunch of new art, and some charts for songs that didn’t have them! (It also just so happens to feature a lot more meatshields.)
(for those unaffiliated, if you wish to have your work taken out of the mod, feel free to contact me @ Catbaby276 on Twitter, and I’ll get to removing it as soon as I can.)

00:00 Intro
00:30 Credits
01:30 Menu
01:58 Expedition
03:56 Buffer
05:50 Catclaw
07:59 Cosmos
09:50 Rush
12:16 Ew
14:32 Fury
17:27 Untamed Shadows
20:34 Minced
22:48 El Gato (Unused Song by bibi)
24:29 Ninja
26:25 Kart
28:38 Approaching
30:25 Wild Dance (Unfinished Song by loggites)
31:40 Shriveled
33:55 Uncanny
37:06 Sanstama
39:46 Nyanko (Unused Song by Meta)
43:12 Extras
43:32 Outro

(stealing this from CommunityGame lol)
Mod Creators for VS The Battle Cats below
VS The Battle Cats FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:

Hazelpy – Creator, Programmer, Graphic Designer:
/ rushtoxin
Banbuds – Voice Actor:
• Video
BubblyNami – Voice Actor:

All Musicians:
Ironik –
Mag –
MicklePickle –
Req –
Yingyang48 –
bib – • FNF – ENCOUNTER E…
Honkish –
keoni –
Meta – …
nylu – • “Faker” FNF: Soni…
pickle jar – • Expedition [FNF B…
redpanzee – • Rush – Friday Nig…
Hep – …
CDMusic – …
CosmicFroggo –
Da Butter Dog –

Other Credits:
Irayumi – Artist:
Kas – Artist: (?)
Popocco – Artist:
Potionion – Artist:
The Egg Overlord – Artist:
Justifted – Artist: …
Lenasalt – Artist: …
Mashpoptart – Artist:
SoyDeans- Artist:
VB – Artist: …
Santups – Programmer:
Allacated – Charter:
Fade R. – Charter: …
Mistyoverheaven – Charter:
Cerbera – Charter:
MrCat – Trailer Editor: • Friday Night Mini…
The Awful Username – Trailer Editor: • What is the BEST …

Catbaby2/Thumbtack47 – MM Artist, Charter & Co-Director:
Not_Gleam – MM Menu Designer, Charter & Director:
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  1. 20:37 i was getting bullied at school,went home and saw this. This made me feel better😊.

  2. Теперь поиграть захотелось

  3. Why is the minced song a familiar song….PLS SOMEONE TELL THE NAME OF THE SONG

  4. Who dont know battle cats cats, in tnumbail is not pibby corru0tion cat, is crazy cat. He actual smt like a cat v3, cat v2 is black cat.

  5. Деньги это только за 6001000101001000000001

  6. NAH NAH NAH APPROACHING IS A BOP THO (why is delinquent cat a woman, isn’t she supposed to be jotaro in game?)

    Crazed cat sounds like a crying child for some reason tbh


  8. If you think the cat in the background of hanstune miku is cute


  9. Man that OBVIOUSLY CLICKBAIT THUMBNAIL looks sooooo awesome!!!

  10. as a professional undertale and battle cats player i love all of this but like…
    Sanstama is just GOOD

  11. Nekoluga's model is insane its fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. we can all agree the cat in approaching is one of the best starter cats

  13. wish there was a filibuster song but either way THIS IS AMAZING

  14. They should put moneko, at least in one song :,/

  15. Why bf looking almost like that one stickmen guy

  16. Now we can comfirm that bf is metal trait lol
    He’s luck to not face capibara

  17. why is nobody talking about untamed shadows
    it’s a masterpiece

  18. Fury is absolutely FIRE M.Titan cat got some mad bars 🔥🔥

  19. Imagine losing your girlfriend to a sphere with 6 triangles on it and a face

  20. I like how Boyfriend is a Trolly Blogger (if you don't know, Trolly Blogger is a singler guy Those Guys)

  21. They should add like every 30 second they upgraded

  22. Bro thought we couldint see the botplay mode😭😭💀

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