Friday Night Funkin' - BF vs Fat Kapi (Remastered) - Full Week -

Friday Night Funkin’ – BF vs Fat Kapi (Remastered) – Full Week

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Mod by RavioLynx:
Vs Kapi:
Creator of Skin:

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  1. Sure I’m chubby but Kapi went overboard

  2. Top 10 moderadores de discord captados en camara😱:

  3. No, Kapi! I feel sorry for the cat. We need to get him exercising, stat!

  4. hmm… this is differenr then the one Kemo posted, it was only an image replacement, This has dialogue and custom song with charts, what is this version?

  5. Is GF chubby? I’ve been seeing comments saying she is, and I cannot tell if she is or isn’t in this mod.

  6. Am i like the 1st one or what?

  7. Bruh kapi is so far my reaction was like: wth-

  8. Fat* sorry about the wrong spelling

  9. But why
    Do you like (furry(?) fetish mod(?
    Ok sorry

  10. This is so cringe wtf

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