Friday Night Funkin' Boyfriend Dies But Its Sonic.exe -

Friday Night Funkin’ Boyfriend Dies But Its Sonic.exe

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Friday Night Funkin’ Boyfriend Dies But Its Sonic.exe

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  1. This is like friendship sonic fan game but sonic.exe

  2. I like how he saw this and went hold up lemme just whip out Microsoft paint
    (Ps nice vid)

  3. why is sonic.exe sad that tails died? sonic.exe KILLED tails in the first place

  4. But sonic.exe never loved tails + he killed him

  5. well its good but makes no sense because he was the one who killed tails and his friends so instead of crying he would laugh and get out of there

  6. Tails : si porfin soy libre gracias dioooos XD

  7. Its nice to see unconcious mind sonic and not EXE

  8. no Tails R.I.P 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Pov:you lost your strongest soldier

  10. Guys this is not exetior,that is sonic's soul

  11. Lyrics:eauaueaaaaeuaueueeeeeeeaaaaaooooooeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaooooooaaaaa

  12. Sonic.exe won't cry if tails died
    U shoudlve put normal sonic.exe instead

  13. Excuse me what. This doesn't make sense, why is it sonic exe? It would be understanding with classic sonic

  14. XP is badly created Sonic.exe because exes cry blood they don't cry tears themselves. If you left him the blood that he already had in his eyes, it would be perfect

  15. Isnt tails already dead? Since he is exe

  16. he was the cause of tails' death
    he never regretted it

  17. Oh mah gawd…..that’s amazing

  18. Как праграма называется

  19. Plot twist: he accidentally stopped the spell on tails and now he lost his soul and cant achieve what he want and thats why he cdying

  20. i dont like that sonic exe crying because is sonic kills tails and why your name is beluga second girlfriend @snowie

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