Friday Night Funkin' Breaker Bundle | Soulles DX - Gamebreaker - Unofficial (FNF Mod/Sonic.exe) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Breaker Bundle | Soulles DX – Gamebreaker – Unofficial (FNF Mod/Sonic.exe)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Breaker Bundle | Soulles DX – Gamebreaker (Unofficial/Fanmade Build) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, this time Pico faces DX, Another version of Sonic.exe.
Grimlock495 – Director:
Soulless DX ost:

This is DX, a “red virus” who resides in the Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS, killing Sonic’s friends by unknown motives. It is why you see Knuckles drowning during the song. Tails also become a victim but I saw no sign of him in this unofficial game breaker song. I’ll be playing Breaker Bundle on very hard. Will Pico be able to defeat DX or will he lose?

The mod has 4 songs that involve Sonic, Family Guy, Minecraft Steve & Creeper, & your favorite among us / imposter

Sonic.EXE – DX | BREAKER BUNDLE [fan-made]:

Game Note: Gamebreaker, made with love! Fight for your life as Pico against DX, and beat him before he destroys your game! Gamebreaker is s a scrapped song from a mod called Soulles DX

– Gamebreaker, complete with original art and insane song events!
– Blockbreaker, an explosive Minecraft themed cover!
– Bedbreaker, featuring THE family guy himself! Peter / Retep / Lois
– Rolebreaker, featuring an imposter / Among us! I won’t tell you who.

(This mod is NOT the official Gamebreaker, this is just a fan-made take on the song because we really, really like Gamebreaker.)

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS DX Breaker Bundle Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Preview & Game Over
01:04 Message / Quote
01:24 Title Screen
01:30 Message | Week List
01:42 Dev Message
01:45 Animation/Cutscenes
02:15 1) Gamebreaker (Sonic/DX vs Pico)
02:45 Pico shoots Sonic, DX revealed himself (Phase 2)
03:21 Pico Voice changes
03:40 Phase 3
04:14 Pico Voice changes
04:33 Pico falls underwater & knuckles appear
04:45 Phase 4
05:02 Phase 5
05:09 Pico Voice changes
05:22 Comic Transition 1
05:47 Comic Transition 2
05:55 Phase 6
06:34 Freeplay
06:47 2) Blockbreaker (Creeper vs Steve)
07:08 Tick Tock
07:49 Boom
08:02 Phase 2
08:22 Boom
08:42 3) Bedbreaker (Peter vs Lois)
09:13 Retep reveals himself
09:47 Lois uses words 1
10:40 Lois uses words 2
11:35 Lois uses words 3
12:14 She loves it
12:57 4) Rolebreaker (Cyan)
13:29 Phase 2
13:56 Brown & White argue
14:19 Double Kill
14:36 Meeting Room
15:01 Voted Cyan out
15:40 Credit
16:10 All Game Over Animations & Bad Ending
17:58 Extras / Old Build / Concept
18:43 Hard & DX quick comparison
19:01 Pause Theme
19:35 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Sonic.EXE DX | Breaker Bundle below:
Grimlock495 – director-lead charter:

GoodieBag – main artist:

Shygee – coder:

SkyanUltra – main coder for v1 and charter:

BlearChipmunk – coding help:

Ne_Eo – optimization help:

Aleonepic – rolebreaker cover:

Saster – creator of DX and gamebreaker:

Doorknob – co creator of DX:
no socials?
Checkity – worked on scrapped mix:

Joey Animations:) – worked on the scrapped mix:

Nayukhrome_ – worked on the scrapped mix / Soulless DX – Gamebreaker:

serif0s – block breaker cover:

Yina Covers – bed breaker cover (Gamebreaker But Peter and Lois Sing it):

bibirobo – pause music:

Dan Bull – MINECRAFT CREEPER (Lyrics):

NerdOut – Among Us Song (Lyrics)

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. 6:33 In the end Pico survived but upon DX's death a mysterious virus within Sonic's body came out of it and began to spread throughout other games, videos and all across the internet, resulting the mysterious virus gaining form & different new variants have created to give it an advantage it will be latter known as The Breaker Virus. Don't worry Pico managed to escape before the virus catches him. He just witness the virus entering other world's and dimensions before chasing him so that how the story ends but it's not over yet it has just began…


  3. Zamn the pico tryna kill gay sonk duiring pridemonth fr the gaybreaker moment of all time 😔😔

  4. I like how Pico change vocal (idk the right term for it….chromatic?) in different poses

  5. If the official Soulles DX mod comes out, CommunityGame should purposely misspell lots of words to fit the whole joke thing.

  6. by the way, i think the music used was the Gamebreaker Scrapped Mix, aka the original version, and not the V2 version that is unoffical but more popular. Everything else was the mod's original content.

  7. They did not have to make this so fucking good, but yet they did

  8. i cant believe the leader of the axis powers: adolf hitler made a cameo in this mod with the song called jewbreaker.

  9. god DX phase 5 left is so detailed and cool also according to my calculations u had 30 misses today

  10. damn that creeper song goes hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Phase 5 of gamebreaker makes me think dx is fatal error

  12. Nothing can express how much I like this video

  13. i wish somebody made a betaciu of this because this mod is fire!. and by that i mean its amazing!

  14. 1. Block breaker
    2. Role breaker
    3. Bed breaker
    3. Game breaker

  15. Blockbreaker is from creeper rap by DanBull
    Rolebreaker is from among us song from nerdout!

  16. I like how Peter's down position is a PNG of him

  17. Ngl the beginning preview was so satisfying it just matched up with the previous song so well

  18. Isn't phase 3 DX's spritesheet similiar to Scorched's?

  19. I can watch your videos the whole day It's amazing

  20. My fav. songs in this:

    2:16 – Game-breaker (VS Sonic?)

    8:42 – Bed-breaker (Family Guy Peter VS Lois)

    6:47 – Block-breaker (MINECRAFT Creeper VS Steve)

    12:57 – a m o g u s cyan (CG5 Impostor Imperceptible)

  21. Всем говорю Community Game играет s-bot Player

  22. The fact that you turned pico into a hedgehog 💀

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