Friday Night Funkin' - (BURNING IN HELL but Sans and Chara Sing it) -

Friday Night Funkin’ – (BURNING IN HELL but Sans and Chara Sing it)

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First video in the channel! I tried to make a cover of this song from the “INDIE CROSS” mod

I hope you enjoy it and if you want any special cover, leave it to me in the comments!!

Song – Burning In hell by THEINNUEND0 and SASTER:
FNF Undertale [Demo]:
Chara Chromatics cormaticas are not mine, I found them here n.n

i usually use this chromatics!!

You can use this cover! only give me credits nvn!


  1. Someone gotta use this cover to a sans Vs Chara mod. I like chara voice in this one.

  2. Would love to see Sans and Sunday singing all of Bendys songs in indie cross xd this cover is amazing btw

  3. Seriously UNDERRATED! HOLY SHED, this is amazing! Keep it up, sans sounds AMAZING

  4. I didn't hear that chormatic before from chara but is really good

  5. All I can say, what the hell mate. This is awesome! I don’t even think I could pull this off!

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