Friday Night Funkin' but it's GEOMETRY DASH! (Friday Night Dashin') -

Friday Night Funkin’ but it’s GEOMETRY DASH! (Friday Night Dashin’)

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Now THIS is an epic crossover! Two amazing rhythm games in one 😍

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  2. matt next fnf mod i could recommend is the cancelled/final build of hypno's lullaby it is super good

  3. Great video Matt watching this video and about to watch it again!

  4. The player with the spiral icon is called nexus he is really good at gd. The player with the visor that says evw stands for EricVanWilderman who is a popular geometry dash with 700k subs

  5. when you going to do monster monday ??? started watching you and now i’m hooked 🪝

  6. I loved looking at the background and seeing all of the references to people and levels! Amazing video by Matt!

  7. Geometry dash and Friday night funky togther how amazing

  8. Hey Matt 👋I for some reason think it would be pretty funny to see you try playing the hardest GD demons such as Slaughterhouse, Abyss of Darkness… Great video tho ^^

  9. Problems with GDsl songs:
    Too much beat
    Too much colour to beat
    No beat

  10. You should try friday night funkin ghost twins

  11. Hey i have a idea for a new series of msm maybe since we got rid of monster monday maybe we shold make singing sunday? Also can i get a couple of likes so Matt reads this?thanks!❤

  12. Mattshea do you know about new rhythm game demo called scratchin melodii?

  13. On the ultra overused song (ATSOL) the girlfriend is a reference to the level that uses this song, "bloodbath"

  14. Day 1 of asking Mattshea to play Genshin impact

  15. Hey Matt, you heard the Vs Battle Cats mod got canceled, truly unfortunate 😔

  16. What's funny is that even though they're called "extreme demons," the easiest extreme demon compared to the hardest pretty much is like going from auto to extreme demon.

  17. Hey Matt! I have been watching you for a while and I have to say, you have amazing videos! Tomorrow is Election Day so I will just watch you all day. If I was ever sad, you made me feel amazing. Thanks Matt.

  18. How the fuck are you doing this Matt? I can't even comprehend what's happening.

  19. How dare you post FNF on Monster Monday ☹️

  20. the fourth song in free play is supposed to be an extreme demon
    called bloodbath

  21. PLEASE react to geometry dash completions on YouTube i think it would be very fun to watch

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