Friday Night Funkin': Corruption - TAKEOVER THREAT (HOUR 1) -

Friday Night Funkin’: Corruption – TAKEOVER THREAT (HOUR 1)

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Time has passed.

If you feel like playing this mod check out the demo yo:

THREAT (feat. PieDaDude) BY Y_F_MUS:


The Full Team:
PieDaDude – Project Leader, Animator, Main Artist,

Kazzyrus – Programmer, Animator, Artist:

Spring – Programmer:


Y_F_MUS – Composer:

niffirg – Charter:

Cerbera – Charter:

AzuriParker – Composer:

Noah – Composer:

MarStarBro – Composer:

BigWes99 – Voice Actor:

Remembering any feedback is always appreciated ofc.

My discord server: – (if your account is new or you are under 13 years you are getting banned for obvious reasons).


  1. It seems we have a tie. But not for long….

  2. OMG.
    This is, literally the very first FNF song to use an Emergency Broadcast voice.
    Origin of the EAS Voice:
    I hope this works…
    People are confident Mommy Mearest would win, but I don’t know about that.
    Also for the Frostbite song, I wished for the first sentence:
    “Is that all you got..? DISAPPOINTING .”
    Anyways, nice. Let us see the dark era of a world start… by an acoustic corrupting virus.

  3. I have a theory that the reason why the health-bar doesn't rise above a certain point is because of Mom's demonic power, which keeps corruption from Pico and Nene , preventing her from corrupting. This is also evidenced by her completely calm expression on her face and the fact that she survived 2 YEARS in the current apocalypse. But who knows what could go wrong…

  4. Time to wait another 3 more months until the next banger

    Keep up the good work PieDaDude

  5. Idk why but i find it funny how long it will take for the corruption to find Senpai, like it's a game. It can't move lol

  6. Let's be honest, even if Nene didn't run away to find Pico, she would've been corrupted anyway.

    And also something to note, this corruption seems to evolve the longer its host is corrupted, which gives them patterns/veins on their body, And yet, nene seems to have none. Could this mean she was only recently corrupted?

  7. we know 4 people who are going to be in the extras
    whitty, tabi, garcello and ruv

  8. Man
    Pico design is really good
    I like that he is not just a original corruption pico with some diferences
    He has a full new design
    The first part of the dearest diary is pretty good and shows how crazy this situation is
    I didnt expect the 2 years skip time
    I was expecting that nene would find mommy and pico after LEAVING A KID THAT PICO SAID TO HER TAKE CARE BEHIND
    Well she got what deserved
    And the two years skip explains why everything looks diferent
    In the original mod we can feel a diference in the air like have passed some years with people getting corrupted
    (I love the fact that the gf parents are surviving for 2 years and gf didnt even survive 1 hour)
    And about the mommy idiot dude
    He has a gun and he looks like
    Hey you little girl with a gun
    Im going to kill you and then kill you again and again
    And seems like tabi, whitty, sarv, ruv, selev, rasazy and garcello (damn it garcello) were UNABLE to survive
    And mommy…
    You are next!
    But i have a question
    What about senpai and spirit?
    What the hell will happen to them
    Like in the original corruption the worst and most confusing part in my damn opinion is the sensei senpai week
    I really want to know if we will see him
    And the song is amazing, i would say its the best "hour one" song for now
    Frostbite is a lemon dude week 5 song remix (i forgot the name)
    Loaded is pretty good
    Uhm anxiety i dont really like
    But now this is awesome

  9. Nene said in the last one we’re finished without him
    It looks like she went to find pico
    But got corrupted in doing so

  10. I thought MM should be dead at first week

  11. Oh
    2 years of corruption?
    Now this is a zombie movie

  12. I like a storyline in corruption takeover, keep up the good work)

  13. I like it but ima be honest unable will always be my favorite

  14. Imagine all you gotta do is say no and they can’t rap battle you lol

  15. حنثقرةمثقنرةثرخقهعاص says:

    great job, your mod as well as the song, cinematics and the background make an excellent 1 hour of this week

  16. Holy shit she isn't playing around this time around

  17. I'm very late but just wanted to share my thoughts, the trophy thing on the car seems to be ripped out in the beginning of the video. There was a car like the one M.M is in when pico was fighting BF. There was also an infected Minion in the car. What if the reason M.M has an eyepatch is because while getting the car from the Minion, it attacked her with the trophy from the hood of the car (broke it) and it jabbed her in the eye.

  18. any see her guard now ig has a gun

  19. Pie

    I noticed a tiny voice in the “THREAT”prelude

    But I couldn't hear it over the noise

    So what did the voice say?

  20. I have a theorie like what the bar wasnt moving more than half cause the mind of mommy is too strong

  21. Im getting strong SCP-001: When Day Breaks vibes from this one and I love it

  22. The development keep inproving and improving but may I know who is that corrupted girl in the background holding corrupted Pico's gun?

  23. Yo, HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS??? It's insane, Tremendous job to the devs!

  24. Something fun to think about is that the vehicle that MM and the henchmen use was originally overtaken by corrupted henchmen in Pico's week. So MM and other uncorrupted henchmen could've easily beat the snot out of other corrupted monsters, and that Pico and Nene are just an inconvenience to her. I also noticed that there is zero corruption on MM after TWO YEARS of the corruption being out there. Maybe she'll win this week? IDK because most corruption mods like to kill really strong characters.

  25. Little thing I love is the health bar sludge on pico's health

  26. Where is that, "danger alarm siren" bit at the start of the song from? I swear I've heard it before.

  27. Restating this because it actually worked this time
    Hey guys, I put a compilation of my writings on the demo announcement video for ppl who haven't seen them, it's in multiple parts bc character limit + Youbug issues, but it exists now so go check it out

  28. na man what happened to skid I wanna know

  29. I just learned soul BF isn’t in Takeover…

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