Friday Night Funkin': Corruption - TAKEOVER UNABLE (Day 2) -

Friday Night Funkin’: Corruption – TAKEOVER UNABLE (Day 2)

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Pico still deals with the corruption while protecting his friends but something went wrong…

UNABLE (and the funny fanart section song) BY MARSTARBRO:

The Full Team:
PieDaDude – Project Leader, Animator, Main Artist, Composer:

Kazzyrus – Programmer, Animator, Artist:

Mr.Meatball – Programmer :

Spring – Programmer:

YaY_fan_Musical – Composer:

Cloudy – Charter:

Spuki – Artist and Animator:
the man dont have social medias, ded.

Azuri – Composer:

MarStarBro – Composer:

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  1. this song make me sad because i haven't see my old friends and old memories

  2. I like the fact that bf gets more uncorrupted when him and pico sing in perfect harmony. in this timestamp: 2:12

  3. Это фантастика!

  4. anybody notice that the scroll speed slows at 1:27 with the song

  5. fnf corrupted vs pibby corrupted= pibby corrupted wins bc its so strong

  6. if the corruption spreads by sound then deaf pple would be immune

  7. I bet Darnell is gonna make Pico depressed and corrupt him in the final day, we saw him already corrupted at the mall, so that’s probably the case.

  8. no se ingles pero me da tristesa ver a pico cantando su cansion de pico y eso me entristese .u. pico curate .u.

  9. pico sus ultimas palabras fueron soy pico yeayeayea soy pico yeayeayea

  10. I like the idea that Pico’s chains in his corrupted form were there to restrain him, that’s a clever utilization of an otherwise minor design detail.

  11. Love this song and how bf turns normal partially half half through btw u should put this on Spotify

  12. this is the sickest corruption mod remake ive ever seen u and ur team are ace at this

  13. Joder es de las mejores canciones que he escuchado

  14. mhm i feel like the corruption is fighting back cause the color of the arrows change after 1:28

  15. It's sad to see this and how bf sorta came back just from memories shows how easy the corruption would be if there were alot of people fighting at once but sadly everyone was apart and got picked of one by one 😔

  16. 4:25 “I suggest you start talking unless you want me to not MISS bullets on purpose.”

    pico just broke the 4th wall right there bro

  17. I tried making my own gacha club corruption mod and never finished it but seeing this making me wanna finish it, never gonna post it though lol. My oc was the one acting like Pico because, she has a record of a couple hundred kills.

  18. 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  19. Wait I realized this is how pico got half corrupted in phantom fear day 1

  20. What about the spamton neo FNF mod gonna be done

  21. i kinda like how skid and nene slowly gets corrupted as pico its cool

  22. i made my on story for this in it skid escaped pump pico got away first encounter so far thats all dont know if there already story

  23. I think red note is full power of curruption amazing

  24. Pico: fighting for his life and telling nene and skid to run

    The random corruption demon in the car: hey this song slaps

  25. I belive that boyfriend can fight corruption !

  26. I just did an animation about this beauty, hope PieDaDude see it ^^

  27. IGNORE THE MINOR SPELLING MISTAKE ON SKID'S DIALOGUE LOL i just noticed now. It will be fixed.

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