Friday Night Funkin' Corruption VS ANGEL BF DAY 3 | (Full Circle without Spirit REMASTERED) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Corruption VS ANGEL BF DAY 3 | (Full Circle without Spirit REMASTERED)

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It’s all come down to this… the last stand.
They cannot fall now, if they do the fate of the world is sealed. It’s now or never.

— Sprites —
All Angel Bf’s : By Me
FLA provided by FCR team.

Sad/Mad/Corrupt Happy Gf : By FCR team
Final Happy GF : By Me
FLA provided by FCR team.

All Daddy Dearest’s : Be Me
FLAs provided by FCR team.

All phases of corruption Spooky and Pico : By FCR team
Edited by me.

Soul BF: By FCR team Edited by me.

Final Spooky and Pico : By me.
FLAs provided by FCR team.

— Songs —
“Full Circle” By

Fully Circle without Spirit Cover By

With Help from Marlett

HUGE THANKS To those legends.


  1. i bet after bf saved mommy mearest Daddy approved of gf and bf relationship 5:38

  2. I just noticed that corrupted Pico tries to unalive himself

  3. 5:02

    IDK what you lot are on but that’s my whole squad going X-games mode

  4. 5:02 BF was like.
    sigh ig I have to show daddy dearest. And mommy mearest and girlfriend.
    My secret powers.
    Time to end this corruption.

  5. the TRUE good ending.

    (except for senpai but who cares about him)

  6. I wonder how angel bf would look like with a nightmare mode form

  7. Ldjd😰😰😰😰😰😢😢😢😢😢😢

  8. 6:56 Pico's corrupted self look like he done with his life 😂

  9. ,and of is caved the fief ended cf defied new I tfnf

  10. 6:49 Is no one going to talk about Skid and Pump? I actually feel bad for them. 😔 Especially with the fact that they are KIDS!

  11. Pico be like:naw everyone got uncorrupted💀

  12. Guys tell me what if lemon demon got infected with the pibby corruption

  13. I love 6:56 that part they are saving Pico 😢😢😢😢

  14. Boyfriend eres especial para mi te quiero💙💙💙

  15. here is a theory when bf first starts flying gf and dd start looking at bf now i think gf and dd thought bf turned into litteral GOD

  16. Fnf plus Hxh will be totally epic! I need this vid in my albums

  17. thanks for the video, it worked for me

  18. Boyfriend have angel power and girlfriend have devil power

  19. 피코: 난 망했어 안돼 나는 …..

  20. Крутой очень мод

    Самое грустное они боролись против мамы но победили и стала за них

  21. 7:38 if yall are wondering why pico head still hasss some red stuff is because when he was corrupted he shot himself

  22. We all know that lemon demon will be the final boss. Soon guys. Soon….

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