Friday Night Funkin Deceiver V1 Mod Explained (Roblox Identity Fraud) -

Friday Night Funkin Deceiver V1 Mod Explained (Roblox Identity Fraud)

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Friday Night Funkin Deceiver V1 Mod Explained (Roblox Identity Fraud)

FNF : The Deceiver ( V1 )

criwithlies – Director, Charter, Coder:

/ @criwithlies
IndigoVoidigo – Co-Director, Composer, Artist, Animator, Charter & Coder

/ indigovoidigo
CheeseWithCake – Co-Director & Composer

CookieLord – Co-Director, Artist & Animator

/ @cookielord
woodys smores – Composer

Exan – Composer
AlexItsumi – Composer

_Michel_/ – Artist & Animator

GreenguyXD – Artist

ImApple! – Artist

Synthh – Charter & Playtester


Gameplay from CommunityGame

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About FNF

Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game in which the player must pass multiple “weeks”, each usually containing three songs.[note 1] Each week, the player typically faces a different opponent.

During gameplay, the opponent will sing a pattern of notes which the player must mirror by pressing the arrow keys or WASD. At the bottom of the screen is a bar indicating how well the player is doing. The left side of the bar is red, representing the opponent. The right side is green, representing the player. Successfully hitting notes will increase the size of the player’s bar, while missing notes causes the opponent’s bar to expand. The player fails if the opponent’s bar fills up the entire bar.

For each week, the player has the option to select one of three difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. As difficulty increases, the speed of incoming arrows increases and the patterns of arrows become more complicated. The player’s high score for each week on each difficulty is tracked and shown in the top corner of the week selection screen.


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  1. I recommend explaining the Jeffy's endless aethos fnf mod

  2. This is the first mod that girlfriend died

  3. “In the history of FNF, not a lot of people have been able to kill Girlfriend up to now.”

    What about literally every single Mario Madness character!? XD

  4. I know alot of any mods lore, but I enjoy watching you explain them.

  5. Don’t you ever let me catch fraud girlfriend😈🙏

  6. 0:27 It is odd that BF is still alive, but Fraud is still able to take the form of him.
    But what if it's another BF he killed, like a bootleg of him (hence that Fraud BF doesn't have his usual prohibition sign on his white shirt).

  7. Request: can you explain Fundamental Paper Education

  8. Yo thanks for expmaining! When i first payed the mod inwas a bit confused

  9. Going off Mario's Madness idea, I don't think girlfriend can use her abilities in an area where she doesn't even exist, Such as identity fraud, She technically isn't a canon character so she not able to use her abilities.

  10. Hey bro can you do any explanation for SNS retake v2?


  12. Do you think he should cover basics in behavior paper school explain what do you think? 🤔 I think he should.

  13. Identity fraud was one of my favorite games back then

  14. Like I said my brother you always be out here cooking these videos man I will love your channel and support you on the channel as much as I can so I can die knowing that I made a good YouTuber truly happy❤❤❤

  15. You say that Daddy Dearest tries to get BF killed again, but I think that BF and GF just wanted to play the game together with Pico, and GF was the first to leave the gang.
    But in case I’m wrong, they should be able to respawn by simply leaving the game and they would be alive and fine 😀

  16. I have a theory that Fraud actually killed a previous version of Boyfriend and that’s how they can take BF’s form

  17. Please explain the fnf mod called friend.fla witch is a creppy mod and whitty/whitmore battle this scary version of bf i want you to explain more mods

  18. Love your vids but some of them give me creeps and nightmares

  19. "and not a lot of people were able to kill gf up until now"
    Ultra M: am I a joke to you?

  20. Hi, dev here
    The actual truth for fraud bf in this mod is that since bf cant die fraud cant take his form so all he can do is copy his look and thats why he doesnt have the cancel sign on his shirt

  21. sad people don't really care about the og desever mod that much

  22. What is the world you keep fighting all these

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