Friday Night Funkin' Developer NinjaMuffin99 EXPOSED... (FNF drama) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Developer NinjaMuffin99 EXPOSED… (FNF drama)

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Friday Night Funkin’/FNF Twitter drama after Newgrounds user and FNF Developer NinjaMuffin99 gets in large controversy for his comments about Israel/Palestine and his gooning on Twitter and Newgrounds..
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This video was made purely made for educational purposes on the given situation and in no way encouraged harassment to this individual. This video, is informative and establishes context and an educational analysis into the situation and drama in hand. Copyright Disclaimer: Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for Fair Use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,
scholarship and more. No copyright infringement intended.


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  1. bro why r u making a vid about drama in COMPLETELY OTHER GAME? like u playing roblox (u said that in channel desc) yknow?

  2. He likes Miku p*rn? SAME AYEEEEEE (I'm also 16)

  3. I just realized that Parlo is using the music: "Firecracker" by LEMMINO from the video "The Kennedy Assassination: Inside the Book Depository" also by LEMMINO. That means, Parlo has watched that video. If you're seeing this, Parlo, I appreciate you also enjoying the mystery around JFK'S assassination! I hope someone can solve this case once and for all!

  4. All this drama over hatsune Miku is crazy reminder she was created very long time ago (and by this fact could be older than him)
    Drama that shouldn't exist
    But retweeted them on main is mistake on he's part
    And treating fiction equaly to reality is low blow
    You can hate for having porn on main as creator of FNF that had huge audience of kids but going this far to equate him to epstein makes you sound ridiculous

  5. i thought this was a roblox news channel not a random news channel

  6. Meh, i think he just should've left the cp private but the 2nd one is just wrong

  7. He’s taking notes from the fnf modders

  8. Welp guess i have to avoid fnf at all costs

  9. Refund! Refund! Refund!
    -the fnf community after paying for the kickstarter

  10. Oh boy do I want to step foot into this video

  11. The amount of people defending lolis is insane. Lolis are literally CP/Pedophilia.

  12. Me staying in the FNF community is proof that I separate the art from the artist.

  13. As a guy who had trauma because of FNF mixed with STUPIDITY I will say that people these days why do you think BEEP BOP SKIBIDI DOM DOM DOM DOM YES YES YES YES is a good music like in my opinion all subway surfers soundtrack is better then SKIBIDI DOM DOM YES YES

  14. This Is an all time low for the friday night funkin community even one the dev of the game got exposed, i love the internet really shows who people are when they are behind a screen

  15. so this is why week 8 took 3 years to release

  16. You have me inspired to start making vids. Much love and major props to you Parloo 🥹🙁

  17. They’re fictional characters. It literally harms no one so I don’t know why it’s such a fucking problem.

  18. Bro am a fan of hatsune miku and all I want to say is WHAT THE F-

  19. Fnf was a good game until the first drama, in 2021 and 2022 and many others but now before Christmas ninjamuffin is getting exposed like amor did during Christmas history repeats itself guys

  20. Never played Friday Night Funkin and will not even touch it. I never had any grief about playing that game despite it being 2 years ago, but finding out that FNF developer is also a degenerate makes me thankful that i didn't play that crap game.

  21. Frinday Night Funkin game dying? Or FNF Dev must be replaced by another person

  22. Bruh who cares about you parlo? You think you're the good guy while you litteraly defend your pedo friend. Why kept talking? You channel serve 0 purpose

  23. I guess funky friday can uptade there game again!

  24. honestly ninjamuffin just needs to leave the internet and probably get therapy

  25. Bruh fnf is dead. Let it die in peace..

  26. Well dayum indie developers geting that roblox influenc

  27. If he was looking at characters that are 18+ the situation would’ve been better unlike what character artwork he was looking at and liking now

  28. I have decided to share my opinion about this situation.
    Even though I am a DAILY rhythm game player, I absolutely do not respect ninjamuffin's actions.
    I hope this problem comes to an end soon, but I doubt it.

  29. This is a very disturbing case.
    At this point developers, player,and
    Admins think they are safe from the reality of their disgustingness wich can be used against them in court and may land you in jail. Worst thing is that roblox doe NOTHING AND IM WORRIED

  30. Thanks, I hate Friday Night Funkin now

  31. Not surprised tbh, this community’s has some good content but not good people.

  32. chat its funny how we were laughing and making jokes like "fnf mod creators trying not to do something weird (impossible):" and now we have ninjamuffin doing all of this. its true that what goes around comes around though so 😭

  33. 80 years in the future the wikipedia page for fnf is gonna start with "known for it's large amount of groomers, pedophiles and weird people"

  34. Ngl I'm a fnf fan, this is not as bad as some other people. But still it is weird that someone likes those things. So no, I'm not going to defend him and I will not get involved in harassing him.

  35. another reason why the FNF community is bad

    too many groomers or controversial people

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    Comment opinions down below too on this situation!

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