Friday Night Funkin' - Double Kill but 3 Impostors and 4 Crewmates join in -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Double Kill but 3 Impostors and 4 Crewmates join in

Jordan Santiago
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OG Double Kill Cast

Black Impostor – What do you think?
White Impostor – ditto
BF – Crewmate

Added Cast (BF’s side)

Pink – Impostor (but a pacifist one?)
Yellow – Crewmate
GF – Crewmate?
Player – Crewmate

Added Cast (Opponent Side)

Gray – Crewmate (but black corrupted him and he’s black’s adoptive son so he gets a pass)
Red – Impostor (but that should be obvious by his gun)
Maroon – Impostor (also white’s boyfriend)

the colored note designs were taken from darkness takeover!:

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  1. I like how it said 3 imposters and 4 crewmates reffering to how grey is a crewmate but is still on the imposters side.

  2. This but with green impostor and dark blue crewmate (4 impostors join and 5 crew mates join)

  3. Black: white time for recriutes.
    White: I agree
    Maroon: you called
    Grey: yes master
    red: this is gonna be easy. He all alone.

    Pink: I don’t think so
    Yellow: we have arrived
    Player: hey bf good to see u this fine battle
    Gf: we came to help babe
    Bf: now let’s finish this fight

  4. There are 5 imposters and four crewmates though

    Here’s why grey is
    A crewmate but black helped him turn evil (this is lazy)

  5. are we going to get cheif and red mongus in the song now?

  6. we need more songs with player in them 🙂

  7. I have question where is the green , tomongus and in the music boo where is they …

  8. POV : me and my friends vs the teachers lol

  9. it is a 5v4 (or a 5v5 if you count girlfriend)

  10. i realize gray and black has the same animation for up xD

  11. double kill black and grey kinda have same anim

  12. If the next arent Green and Tomongus, ima question my life (even tho i shouldnt)

  13. is no one saying that yellow half was a seziure when holding down a note??

  14. i want you to do every characters is in the Double kill

  15. Pls do double kill but baby grey Vs black imposter

  16. Ok now i get it why each crewmates and pink impostor 1v1 black and the others because red killed gf so she 1v1s red and grey killed everyone in week 7 so hes 1v1ing pink and black 1v1ing bf cus he knows that the boy is changing the game rules and player yellow 1v1ing white cus at end of dlow white killed him and player 1v1ing maroon because in the the scrapped cutscene before ashes u see player getting killed by maroon

  17. Также зеленый который смотрит все это вместо гф🍱🍿

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