Friday Night Funkin' - Double Kill but with eddsworld (Double Kill Cover) -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Double Kill but with eddsworld (Double Kill Cover)

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Hola :D, gracias por ver el video, a continuación daré los respectivos créditos a cada creador.


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No olvides apoyar a los creadores originales, gracias de nuevo por ver el video :’D


  1. The gang play AMOGUS edd saw mat and tord kill Tom bc they the imposter

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOM!!!!! Nice remix tho.

  3. This is so cool! The Eddsworld gang playing Among Us is everything! Love how Tord and Matt are the impostors, very smart choice. 💜(TᗜT)❤

  4. The Robloxian Beat Saberist and other stuff says:


    You even fixed the note problem in the duet. Wonderfully done.

  5. Hello! I'm the creator of the pixel tord sprites and I just have to say thank you for using them! and great cover too!!

  6. Anyone gonna talk about mats hand on his right pose

  7. Matt sounds more threatening, while singing with tord

  8. Plot Twist: Matt only helped in the killing of Tom because he was attacked by the mind eraser


  10. Is anyone else gonna talk about what else tom’s neck looks like? 😳

  11. Me: Well that was perfect timing. Now while they argue, imma just kill off the rest of those crewmates with my partners in crime and win my first ever round of Among Us against these idiots…

  12. Pobre tom, no merecia morir, siempre es el buleado y termino muerto

  13. Suggestion: d’low but natsuki and monika sing it
    (Yuri and sayori both replace gf.)

  14. don't worry about Tom, maybe this is not canon xd

  15. Hola, Soy El Unico Que Habla Español? XD

  16. Is it just me or is tord and Matt wareing the same shoes

  17. Edd: Tom get that engine working! Tom?!
    Matt: He’s down!
    Tord: Because of me! I’m unstoppable! Ha ha ha haaa!

  18. Why Matt's hand look like that? Love the cover btw

  19. Edd sounds like Yuri (DDLC) a bit, just me?

  20. WHY WOULD TORD KILL TOM??? But, I mean Tord clone would… but Matt wouldn’t

  21. First + can you make this playable?

    Primero + puedes hacer esto jugable?

  22. This is awesome dude! Keep upload this content ✨👍👍

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