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AGOTI is one of the most loveable and known characters in the Friday Night Funkin’ community. So when SugarRatio and the team that brought AGOTI released their new demo of this mod, FNF ENTITY. I knew I had to try it. so here is my reaction 🙂

Play the mod!

Video edited by Kofv

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  1. Draw Friday Night Funkin Character with EX Version. 😃😄😁👍

  2. I liked Solazar and Nikusa and also Agoti but I like Mami Tomoe better because she is my hope on account of Yellow Color That Matches Blue Color

  3. Hey amor can you pin me for no existing reason?

  4. When I played agoti for the first time I beet him in easy but in normal got stuck on agoti.

  5. Try out the vs dave and bambi : golden apple

  6. F E A S T. Y O U R. E Y E S. O N. T H E. M O M M Y. M I L K E R S

    like most people do while watching her ¯_(ツ)_/¯ mostly males

  7. This mod would be better of AGOTI's voice were not changed, but overall I think it's a great mod.

  8. Hey Amor, listen … what if you combine your style or mod and a song from the corrupted mod "Corruption dead match"? I think it would be cool!

  9. In guessing amor is kinda a simp with the last character

  10. 11:55 that’s so sweet Amor! I’m sure Nizkusa would appreciate that!

  11. I prefer the design of the old EX bf because the design makes more sense to me

  12. It may be hard to see but Bob's health icon is in the aldryx week, on the ice cream cooler behind GF.

  13. No one him: holy shit 💩💩💩 she's tall

  14. Promenades gotta be the hardest song ever, it has a fucking distract mechanic. can't believe it. It's also fucking fire.

  15. Is it me or I’m going insane but all i see in the background is SUSSY bois in Alydrexs song

  16. i don’t really understand why ppl don’t like agoti’s new vocals. in my opinion it sounds the same but a lil scratchy. it also fits his character tbh.

  17. My favourite character is Girlfriend, and next is Agoti

  18. Why do i keep imagining Bob having a nosebleed while looking at Nikusa and Bosip just looking in shock at how tall she is

  19. didnt you treat people who work on your mod as slaves

  20. So who’s gonna tell all the thirsty fans that Nikusa and Solazar are Aro-aces?

  21. Stop saying saying mommy all the time is not funny

  22. 11:21 i feel like im probably the only person here who thinks of her as a thot and that she is just there to make the weebs happy.

    ok nvm the weeb thing was too far but still.

  23. Di mob dave and Bambi mob pls

  24. The chat was just going awooga on promenade

  25. I love your fnf mod, it’s so good that I play it at least once a day

  26. Wooooooo so good.This has improved from the first time we saw him and agouti can now hit long notes which is siiiiiiiick

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