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  1. Es estafador nosotros pensábamos que estaba en GARD pero esta en normal

  2. Я просто в любилась в бойфрэнда. А гелфрэнт ненавижу.

  3. _________TUTORIAL_________
    [0:13] Tutorial

    _________DADDY DEAREST_________
    [1:30] Bopeebo

    [2:51] Fresh

    [4:19] Dadbattle

    _________SPOOKY MONTH_________
    [5:52] Spookeez

    [7:38] South

    [9:17] Pico

    [10:47] Philly Nice

    [12:33] Blammed ©

    _________MOMMY MUST MURDER_________
    [14:30] Santies Panties

    [16:11] High

    [18:03] M.I.L.F

    _________RED SNOW_________
    [20:20] Cocoa

    [22:20] Eggnog

    [23:58] Winter Horrorland

    _________HATING SIMULATOR_________
    [26:26] Senpai

    [28:16] Roses

    [30:04] Thorns

    [32:26] Ugh

    [34:07] Guns

    [36:40] Stress

  4. This game is the bomb (mostly cause of the music)

  5. i remember on 2020 when fnf recently came out and i thought dad battle was the hardest thing ever
    good times

  6. week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 and week 7 impressive

  7. I love this a lot big boyfriend but I did ask your name is BF but I don’t kno no no can I see

  8. Me gustó la última canción de los gemelos blanco y naranja

  9. Bro the last battle with tankman, bf holding gf and them singing together was the cutest thing I’ve seen this week ngl

  10. Ivonete Batista dos Santos Bernardes says:

    You pro player man

  11. Thank God I never wanna see another mod as long as I live

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