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I made a fun little story to link all the mods together. Check it out, also feel free to add to it and change stuff. I would love to read your idea of it.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend headed home from a date, they headed though an alleyway not knowing they would run into Whitty.
Who is wealthy? Well, he has a beef with girlfriend parents. This unknown rapper asked the boyfriend to leave. But he refused. The two then have a rap battled.

After the battle, they headed home, but get lost in a corn field. While looking for an exit, they were attacked by Zardy. During the fight beef & gf took off running away at max speed. That when they came across this church and they felt like they needed to find a break, thinking it would be safe there.

They met Sarvente. During this time Ruv show up. The two battle it out. After the battle, they headed out and finally made it home.

Being so tired the two fell to sleep, the sun hit into their eyes waking them up, it was early and before school so they headed to the Arcade.
At the Arcade they ran into Kapi and the dance battled begin.

They was really late for school. So they ran fast, but was stopped by Tord. Then a giant robot pop out of nowhere.
BAM & BOOM!! The two ran and finally made it to the school, there they met Monika.

She deleted girlfriend O_O but after a song. Everything turn back to normal. They left school and met Garcello who wanted to do a rap battle.
After a very sad goodbye. Boyfriend remembered about a promised he made to Rebecca an artist who wanted to become a great cartoonist.

He headed there and did a rap battled with her, next thing they saw was a flash of light and then an alley that started descending taking them to an unknown placed.
AGOTI a rapper that disappeared long ago. He told them, he was trapped within the void, and the winning of the battle will be free.

After a week of rapping in the void, it fell apart and boyfriend and girlfriend were back home.
But this wasn’t their home, it was a different planet. The Impostor a monster attacked them and then…

is this the end of this story or just the start, find out next time.

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V.S. Whitty Full Week –
V.S Zardy – Foolhardy –
Sarvente’s –
VS. KAPI – Arcade Showdown
Vs. Tord –
Monika Full Week –
VS Garcello –
Starving Artist –
V.S. AGOTI Full Week –
VS Among us Impostor V2 –

Bonus Weeks:
0:00 Whitty
8:01 Zardy Foolhardy
11:54 Sarvente
20:03 KAPI
30:44 Tord
33:14 Monika
40:13 Garcello
48:57 Starving Artist
58:34 AGOTI
1:06:32 Among us Impostor

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  1. Now FNF has updated again whether you video game news is not realistic

  2. Mods have became the new FNF because FNF never gets updated.

  3. fnf si sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Bro witty is so ez I like beat him so many times but the last round is uh hard but I can beat him 💀🙏🏻

  5. Bro everybody seeing this like this comment if this gives you nostalgia

  6. am i the only one who had a crush on ruv and agoti😅

  7. Back then fnf used to have no drama or to much detailing

  8. Garcello disappearing with a smile made me she'd a tear 😞

  9. In The Page KBH Games all mods fridaynightfunkin

  10. i hope this game become popular again 🙁

  11. KAPI was lete think about plants vs zombies

  12. its been 3 years im 15 now this gives me so much nostalgia

  13. I like when the pumpkin and spooky was I. There when Bf was fighting the cat

  14. 9/10 Mod that I love and I know how cool I love it

  15. الاغاني ذي حرفياً ادمان ‼️‼️.

  16. Garcello is a perfect example why not to smoke

  17. I hated it, they muted the best songs 🤬

  18. Am i the only one not hearing the sarvente and ruv song??

  19. Who needs friends when i have this?Im unstoppable

  20. thia was an axsome vid please make more

  21. looking back at this, why did tord sound like that?

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