Friday Night Funkin' - Gospel but everytime it's Sarvente turn a Different Skin Mod is used -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Gospel but everytime it’s Sarvente turn a Different Skin Mod is used

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This bonus weeks song is called Gospel and it comes from the Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses Mod. Similar to my past videos I had already worked on this Friday Night Funkin’ mod but I’ve revisted due to the large amount of skin mods and covers that have been released. In terms of music, Gospel has that insane spam notes like Zavodila but things sound more like a choir chant rather than an earthquake. To make every Sarvente turn unique I added a cover to make each section sound fresh and new. Once again I still want people to know that I did use a bot to keep things well sync because I don’t intend on hiding that fact since I wanted to make this video as a fun viewing experience while delivering people exposure of new skin mods out there. Overall, I feel more proud reworking on this and making it stand to the name of my skin mod series. I will admit that I had trouble switching between multiple engines and some gave me the disappearing notes but I think it came down well for another FNF video.

Mods used in this video:
Main Website for these mods comes from GameBanana

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses


Gospel but Carol and Miku Sings it

Bob and Ron Sing Gospel

Sarvente vs. Whitty

Gospel But It’s Skid and Pump

Sarvente vs Monika

Taki vs Sarvente

Gospel UTAU Cover

Gospel but Ruv Sings it

Mid Fight Masses Genderbend Edition

Sarvente vs Sarvente Cover

Gospel but Kapi Sings it

Mid-Fight Masses But BAD


Mid Fight Masses but Glowing

Mid Fight Masses Human Ver. Mod

Mid-Fight Remaster

Mid-Fight Masses Minus

THICC Sarvente Mod



Mid Fight Masses HD

Mid-Fight Masses Swap Edition

Solo Skid


Fun Sized Whitty Mod

Whitty over GF Mod

Re-Animated Whitty

V2 Carol over GF

BOB over GF

Playable Pump With Tooth

BF on Speakers

Playable HD Monika

The Crucified GF Mod

Playable Taki

Ruv Over GF

Boyfriend Ruv

Selever over GF

Rapper Kaity

Chris over GF

Playable Demon Sarvente

Sarvente Girlfriend

Cool BF

Cool GF

Tall Boyfriend over Boyfriend

Girlfriend is Taller

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  1. okay…during 1:28 through 1:33 seeing ron like that feels like a cursed image right there but I still loved the amazing work

  2. La voz de savente chico parecía una trompeta xD


  4. Selever:🤮👉 0:59 right Can't be my dad 1:39 There won't be three me?
    Molten Freddy: hahahaha

  5. Me gustó mucho el HD de sarvete ❤️❤

  6. A primeira já tá incrivel os sons do mini whitty

    Não sei o nome

  7. Okay, but TYSM FOR REVIVING MFM. It's a real pleasure coming from a big fan of it! The way this turned out is insane. But again a big thank you.

  8. Sarvente is an organ
    Her male version (AKA. Sarvin) is a trumpet?
    seems legit

  9. Я когда вместо сарвенты был рон :мммммммм а рону идёт ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. hey man I was just wondering checking the status of

  11. 안녕하세요 저는 유투버임니다저에영상올리는거는게임입다

  12. Паздравляю гёефрент немаргает

  13. Oe creo que es un bot nadie puede hacer todo buen s cre pro

  14. Can you do Annie next I been see to see Annie

  15. Even mid-fight masses is deleted in fans heart it's still here

  16. GOSPEL THE NICE SONG i love soft taki's voice when she sang it

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