Friday Night funkin is back with 2 new songs and OMG WHAT THE FREAK! -

Friday Night funkin is back with 2 new songs and OMG WHAT THE FREAK!

Bijuu Mike
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Nah they were wild for this update to friday night funkin its the Friday Night Funkin – Pit Stop Update that adds 2 new songs and some new animations that are really sus

Play fnf –


  1. Pls play more of the silly billy mod and try find more things in garn47

  2. Can’t wait for someone to edit the sus scene into bf just throwing her to anywhere and make it a meme template

  3. there is also one more animation that you miss
    you need to really suck at this game

  4. Bijuu if you have your keys as left:a up:s. down:k and right as L that could help you cause it’s in a row like in the game hope this helps

  5. can u play scary simon say its in roblox i played it its very hard so i want u to play it byeee

  6. Hey Mike 2shot is song reference to 3shot a song in the matt vs pico mod

  7. I feel very sorry for all the kids who had to watch that scene if you know what I mean hope you are not Traumatized

  8. You know you can use wa down right, right. It's my favorite way because I can't use one hand and when I use just arrows my fingernails clip my skin and cuts me

  9. Day 1 of living in Michael's walls until he plays "8:11"

  10. i guess they were deadass when they said "getting freaky on a friday night"

  11. There is a mod that only has one song, it’s Fundamental Paper Education. U should play it cuz it’s fire

  12. I still can't believe it it's been like 4 year 🥹

  13. Day 78 of asking Bijuu Mike to play Metal Gear Rising

  14. Day 9 of asking Bijuu Mike to play Basic'9

  15. im pretty sure your scroll speed is faster than normal

  16. Have you seen the animation for when you die from the spray cans it's see cool I recommend

  17. friday night funkin got saxaphone lessons before gra 6

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