Friday Night Funkin' - Manifest but everytime it's Sky turn a Different Skin Mod is used -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Manifest but everytime it’s Sky turn a Different Skin Mod is used

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This bonus weeks song is called Manifest and it comes from the V.S Sky (kitsuneskulls) or V.S Sky (bfswifeforever) Mod. Recently the Sky mod has made a huge comeback into the FNF community with new skins and engines so I wanted to make a truly dedicate Manifest skin mod video. As for the song itself, it will always be a banger and very memorable regardless how little I tend to hear it. Once again I still want people to know that I did use a bot to keep things well sync because I don’t intend on hiding that fact since I wanted to make this video as a fun viewing experience while delivering people exposure of new skin mods out there. Overall, I hope more Sky skin mods continue to release so I can comeback to older mods such as this. Not to mention I actually managed to complete a full Manifest but a Different Skin Mod is used without any substitutes or covers to ruin it.

Mods used in this video:
Main Website for these mods comes from GameBanana

vs Sky (kitsuneskulls)



Sky Remastered

Sky Redrawn Mod

B-Side Sky

Sky but bad


Nightmare Sky

Sky Remanifested (EX)

Ski Sings for You (Sky)

Sky HD

Sky Minus Mod

Manifested Grace

Sky Genderbend mod

The SkyPack Mod (SKINS)


Manifest Boyfriend

Remastered B-Sides BF

Reanimated Boyfriend

Corrupted Glitch Boyfriend


Playable MonsterBF

Mershark’s Demon GF

Nightmare BF Variants

Nightmare BF (Original)

BF Remastered


Boyfriend Swap

Rapper Kaity

Chris over GF

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  1. Guess who Manifested his way back on YouTube! 😅

  2. Siempre veo tus vídeos siempre me encanta

  3. Great video you should make more

  4. This song is a manifest of a banger! Get it?

  5. Nice job getting to 1 mil I've been subbed since 100k

  6. When we needed him, he Manifested back.

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