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I hope you like this episode, it actually took about 3 weeks-

New Song! “Chance” by Zhadnii ft. Nox

Full Credits:
Mathx: Director, Main Artist
A SpadAnimates: Main Animator
Charlie: Icon Artist
Glitchy: Artist
BenKamyn: Musician
Zhadnii: Main Musician/Charter
Hayumzah: Musician
SMG2: Main Charter
Nox: Musician
lesack_: Sprite Artist
Mr.Madera: Main Coder

RJ Helped On Disruption
Fluffeez/LockOut Charter Of Unholy
Da_Ghost Charter Of North
Christopher Riswell Charter Of Chillin
Poga: musician of Desesperation and ???
honton129 cool
rodthecrusader: second boss i guess


  1. yo lo hice todo denme creditos

    nomentira que buen episodio hicieron, el mejor minus por siempre 💪

  2. mathx no me pegues por haber tardado tanto 🙁

  3. Re chill subiendo el siguiente day un lunes por la noche, lo de pump no lo esperaba, parece que tiene, un gusano adentro? aunque tremendo skill issues que les pego a pico y Darnell

  4. best song in this so far it sets a great mood but… what is pump now what even is that THING

  5. que good el day mathx (si vez que hay un comentario que dice primero ese fue mi hermano xd) nunca imagine que pico se dispararia ahora falta ver que pasara con los demas

  6. I'm happy to see another Minus Corruption episode.

    What I liked:
    I really liked the new corrupted Pump look! I have no idea what his deal is, but he looks terrifying. I enjoyed seeing Skid desperately trying to hold on after Pump showed up. The little detail about evil Darnell's smile getting bigger on his losing icon was a nice touch.

    What I didn't like:
    I didn't really like how Pico got freed and barely lasted any time at all. Having some filler or literally anything for Pico would have been nice. Maybe a cutscene of him running into Darnell? Having someone get freed has massive story potential, and it feels like Pico's whole potential ran into a wall there way too fast for my liking. I also feel like Darnell could have used one more sprite as he was getting corrupted, since he went from 60% to 100% in one pretty big leap

  7. Dis a good day today one of my favorite corruptions gets another episode so soon, please take breaks and stay hydrated I can't wait to see how everything plays out

  8. Un nuevo episodio con la calidad de siempre, no me esperaba el nuevo aspecto de Pumpnette (nombre pendejo de mi parte), y se me hace confuso comp Darnell se corrompio tan rapido… Pero apesar de eso es bastante bueno, sigan con el buen trabajo :]

  9. Estuvo bueno me encanto podriamos decir que tal vez pump es el verdadero origen de la corrupcion

  10. Pico y darnell acaban de ser derrotados por un muñeco que tenía un monstruo adentro, bastante WOW no me esperaba esto, skid perdió también supongo, la verdad, valió la espera bastante

    Aunque medio raro que el team dinosaurio (así le digo a minus pico y minus darnell porque para mí darnell es un megalodon) hayan perdido rapido pero bueno, no es tan fácil ganarle a un monstruo dentro de un titere

  11. Este episodio fue épico, la song estuvo épicardo, además al principio de esta vimos como quizas nuestros protas podrían conseguir la victoria y salvar a Skid, pero pasaría que apareció Pump y complicó las cosas aumentando la corrupción de estos, Darnell no aguantó más y fue consumido por la corrupción, pero Pico luchó hasta que tuvo el mismo destino, algo que me sorprendió fue el ente que salió dentro de Pump algo realmente turbio, te felicito a vos y al equipo del mod por trabajar en este increíble day

  12. Ngl i really like this episode, the art and the song and everything else is really nice but i really wish pico actually survived longer or maybe made a third day where he fails since it seems like he got uncorrupted just to die so soon, still its a really good episode

  13. I kinda feel like reason you made this week is to fix the mistake that you freed pico by using nexus on accident..just me.

  14. 50 here and I'll probably going yo add timestamps here in the meantime

  15. Awesome job with the song the sprites everything about this video is Impressive also Question:did Pico survive at the end after he oofed/shot himself? Or Did He Get Corrupted?

    I'm feeling curious

    Anyways 9999/10

  16. Interesting well they failed due to Pump but the plot continues to thicken for this series.

  17. I love the episode! The art is great and pump's reveal is such a chef kiss to it all! But just like others, it felt weird for Darnell and Pico (two heavy hitters) to go out so quickly like that, and by pump? Like part of me overlooked beta bf since he was obviously shocked from the puppet being alive an- wait a sec, were they also taken off guard by pump? That would kinda explain why they corrupted fast but both in one song is still too much. Nonetheless, i wanted to get this out, this episode was still great and despite what I said, they work you put into this was still more than excellent!

  18. Hmm, well that just happened. It almost seemed to good to be true, with them saving Skid that fast. Then Pump had to come in, which speaking of him, he seems to be completely controlled by the corruption. His sprites look really cool as well! But now this means that a corrupted Pico and Darnell are now on the loose, which is gonna be pretty bad for some characters. That is, if Pico doesn't make the same mistake he did before and go Nexus again. One thing I don't really get in this episode is just how fast the two got corrupted. I feel like a final battle/day 3 would have been more fitting for a loss, but idk that's just me

  19. Increíble calidad y canción te da esperanza al principio de que todo saldrá bien pero cuando llega minus pump currupted la música va decayendo a ser menos esperanzadora asta dar a entender que fueron falsas ilusiones y nunca tuvieron oportunidad de ganar como siempre entregandonos mucha calidad sigue así

  20. The second I saw that trailer in the direct I knew if pump appeared they were screwed. but dang I was really hoping pico would have run away. good episode regardless.

  21. They tried so hard only to fail in the end

  22. Now that I've watched this episode, I'm curious about Pump:

    There is a corrupted creature-like entity inside it and I honestly thought for a second that it was a corrupted or something like that IN the puppet and the thought of that was something to think about.

    Anyways nice episode! Wonder where it will go next, regardless I'm excited for the next episode!

  23. excuse me, can i repost videos to bilibili? i think the mod is reallycool but not everyone in China can useYoutube and enjoy it easily. because ourcountry had an one-way signal block,it causes Chinese cant use Youtubeand enjoy your work without someone'srepost.

    if you allow me to do it, i'll credit you,your team and the link. i'll also translatethe videos and i wont monetize them

  24. 2:02 When pump comes in: FUUUUUUCK
    2:14 Whatever the hell comes out of him: WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING!

  25. What or who was in the pump, it looks kind of strange, I don’t know what else to say, but the day turned out to be fun

  26. Estuvo muy cool este Day :O
    Algo q no me gustó es el diseño de darnell(decía el corrupto)
    y por q day final?

  27. Okay, so I have a bit to think about this week. The duo falling so easily when Evil Minus Pump showed up might've been due to Evil Minus Pump's actual power. I've heard people talk about how they fell due to shock. Which might've been a factor, but I honestly think Evil Minus Pump is just powerful in general. I don't know a lot about his lore, but from what I know there is a demon or ghost.. definitely something before the corruption that resided within the Minus Pump doll. I have no clue if he was always friendly, but I know something was trapped inside or it so it probably isn't friendly. I think either that spirit/thing teamed up with the corruption for "revenge of being trapped" or something along the lines of that. But who knows! It could be just some corrupt dude hiding inside of it 😅

  28. Ññ😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Alguien más notó una referencia a double edge o solo fui yo?

  30. Ok this episode was done pretty great, and i CALLED IT! I knew pump would show up!

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