FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod BF vs Himself? identity-crisis! -

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ mod BF vs Himself? identity-crisis!

Views: 2610
Like: 125
Boyfriends – Dimalapt
Mom and Spooky – by skyery
Pico – Me and chris_thegamer2024
Harvester – Me
Cover – UltraCorruptedBf
Song – Vryzzen, Rarebrin and Doguy
Background – Me
Effects – Me
Harvester icon – Resai ( recreation by qweiry fr fr)

The error with pico’s vocals at 3:52 will be fixed later…


  1. The mod is awesome but I don't really like the skid and pump vocals

  2. i wonder how did you get my old ass spooky icon lmao

  3. This is a very cool cover, thought this was an original song but nope, it's still very cool though!

  4. This is very very amazing good job bro :D!!!!

  5. Looks bad, zero views, quit fnf modding❗❗

  6. I suddenly have a theory. The Harvester had already harvested the main cast's (BF, GF, Pico, SnP, MM, DD) souls, and is just letting them stay to make things interesting. Their lives are owned by Harvester now but BF defied this when he set himself and the others free and that makes the Harvester angry.

  7. this is good, i like it, but i never gave qweiry permission to trace my icon

  8. Really like this take on the Evil characters' sprites, in line with how Fear would draw them now but not too over the top.

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