FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod EVIL Girlfriend vs BF DAY 2! -


Phantom Fear
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This fnf week 8 mod adds a creepy lemon demon version of the bf as well as the gf from the new week 5 christmas update. This battle is between Boyfriend and Evil Gf!

This stage is a part of the EVIL mod / Corruption mod which I am developing.
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The download will be available once the mod is completed!


Video may contain flashing imagery!

NEW SONG (‘Estranged’) by: Saster, Squeak & JellyFish!
(The Song!)
(The Instrumental!)

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Mod + Art + Code: PhantomFear
My twitter: @PhantomFearOP (some of you were asking for it)
Charting by: Pincer
Gf Voice Lines by: Pincer




FridayNightFunkin by: Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, kawaisprite, evilsk8r
GF Chromatic Scale by: LoganMcOof

FNFBot by: KadeDev (Github)

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  1. The gf vocals are so good lmao

  2. If it's pointless, then why are you so bent on getting him to give up?

  3. Seeing BF's expression as he gave in for a moment just hurts my chest.. 😓

  4. After watching the final battle we know that evil girlfriend already lost at 3:44 after the help by evil boyfriend or I can say the entire corruption end at there because of evil gf lose

  5. Prior to 3:16 you'll notice that there are little motes that emit from BF and get absorbed by Evil GF. It's safe to assume that this is his sanity, and now that it's weakened the Corruption can freely infiltrate BF's mind. Another interesting thing is that the static in Soul BF's part as it could be a possible reference to the massive screen in the background of Soul BF's Week. We could be taking the Corruption's perspective and realising that recorrupting BF is next to impossible as he has Soul BF on his side. Shortly after we'd be kicked out of BF's mind after he's motivated again and he gains a massive morale boost.

  6. The true strongest entity in this world isn’t BF.

    It’s the speakers. Literally incorruptible.

  7. This is the best Friday Night Funkin' song I have heard. Period. Literal chills. And this is my opinion please don't start a war.-

  8. Sooo. Waht did I miss? :Edit Sooo. What did I miss? I fixed the spelling error I’m a gamer.

  9. Ваау, я просто обожаю этот мод, поскорее бы он вышел

  10. Esta bueno el mod y segure esperando hasta que este listo.

    Tambien en una parte se parecia a una parte de una cancion undertale xd

  11. I love how Soul BF is in the background during BF's solo part, hyping him up. That is so cute.

  12. guys this part is cool when u turn the speed video into 0.75x 1:20

  13. Muy bien esta la canción soy español

  14. sometimes I think that this music would have been better as a final theme, really what a song for more spectacular, they are gods.

  15. I love the effect of boyfriends voice being glitchy but when the silhouette of Soul Boyfriend is fully visible he gains back his voice and his sanity and starts winning again.

  16. 5:29
    "Me and the boys just got to the top of this building and took this selfie #meandthebois"
    -corrupted boyfriend posting this fanart, probably

  17. I so DESPERATELY need a "with lyrics" version of this song

  18. I love when soul bf is helping bf you can slowly hear him more and more

  19. 2:33 I feel bad for bf of how much he's crying sense gf recorrupted herself 🙁

  20. Fun fact: this is the first time we get to watch a re corruption happen on screen
    Every other time it happens in between songs

  21. When i listened to it carefully in static part I heard soul bf voices

  22. All of this is just so sad. All these adventures and look what happened, BF really has a lot of pressure on him. I just wish it didn’t have to be so sad.

  23. I think high sound waves is what hurts the corruption something like venom which is why singing disinfects them

  24. At 2:35 I felt like BF entered his own version of Spirit cause of the after-image and hand movements

  25. This is a girlfreind … I can't think evil boyfreinds real doing

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