FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' mod Opening Animation Corruption! -

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ mod Opening Animation Corruption!

Phantom Fear
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FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ mod Opening Animation Corruption!

This fnf week 8 mod now includes an anime opening style animation!
The fnf corruption mod adds a corrupt versions of bf, gf, pico, etc.

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The download will be available once the mod is completed!


Visual Credits:
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PhantomFear: Art + Animation:
Twitter: @PhantomFearOP

Yukizakura: Artist
Twitter: @yukizakura1126

Saracuni: Artist + Animation
Twitter: @sacuniUltimate

Dayanci: Artist
Twitter: @dayanci_

BlueGarden: Artist + Thumbnail Art
Twitter: @Oceanlight375

Song Name: “Corruption”
Music Credits:

Funnyleech: Arrangement, Vocalist, Bass Player, Keys Player
Dani Susatyo: Arrangement, Guitar Player
ZhafiraWildhania: Lyrics Writer
WillyJayasukma: Orch.Arranger
LunaticParfait: Producer

FridayNightFunkin by: Ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, kawaisprite, evilsk8r

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  1. At one point I thought the song was in Spanish.

  2. This opening was brought you by, Jojo's bizarre adventures

  3. I first started watching at skid and pump corrupt and quit at corrupt senpai (or whatever his name is) final, and I’m still subbed I forgot you made videos and I’m getting a bit nostalgic even though it wasn’t even 3 years ago yet

  4. The amount of lore is incredible it really looks like a great story now to kidnappe matpat and make him do a theory on this

  5. The best anime does not exist
    The best anime:

  6. Está coooooooooooool 😀😀😀😀☺️☺️😁😁😁😅🤯🤯🤯

  7. This might be one of the best FNF mods that I've ever seen in development❤. I'm looking forward to play the next demo. Amazing job to the animators and intro song producers, you guys deserve it.🎉

  8. OMG, how incredible

    I'm creating a manga and when I came across this animation for some reason it reminded me of his first arc

  9. this mod might bring fnf back from being like basically dead

  10. It's….. It's… THIS ANIMATION LOOKS AMAZING!!! The character animations, the scenes, the background this is really beautiful!!

    Apart from this FNF corruption mod deserves a series!!

    ¡This animation deserves to have support and it also looks epic. My rating is: 1000000/10. It really is a masterpiece! :'D

    ¡Keep surprising us with your videos Phantom Fear! <D

  11. I actually loved the animation u and your team did a good job

  12. I'm a huge fan of the trope where an evil being spouts perverted religious ideology or presents imagery of twisted religious iconography. It might be a little weird of me, but I'm hoping we'll get to see more, even to the point where the corrupted entities start hinting at bringing about the end of times or being "chosen" agents of the apocalypse.

  13. This will never be a mod, just a youtube milker.

  14. Hello, can you also include Spotify, iTunes, YouTube music, please?

  15. The opening is wowing but i thought the mod done😢

  16. El mejor mod que se ha podido crear y con una animación


  18. joder phantom te luces cada vez mas felicidades

  19. Looks like I know what video to play before watching a corruption episode, love it

  20. is this the end of this mod and when will this mod be released

  21. bro, use the anime opening concept for FNF,this is goood!!!🎉

  22. Well i be super duper darned 🤟🤟🏾🤟🏻

  23. Y donde quedó el lemon demon 😂

  24. Me encantó el opening una obra maestra❤

  25. Holy crap this is awesome! Very good job Phantom!

  26. The corruption mod going to be really big.
    Like, we don't even know how many weeks needed completing before the mod even starts to release and what we do have right now is
    Corrupted BF's Saga, basically being a bastard
    Then BF taking his life back and trying his best to free everyone Saga. AND IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING DONE.

  27. I need a translated lyrics from this! This is so good!

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