Friday Night Funkin' Mods #2 | Creepiest mods for FNF?! 👀 -

Friday Night Funkin’ Mods #2 | Creepiest mods for FNF?! 👀

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Friday Night Funkin’
Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…

Developed by: Ninja_muffin99 with help of Newgrounds team
Download: ​

—————————MODS USED IN THE VIDEO————————–
This mod may be disturbing to some as it features the following…
– Themes of dementia/memory loss, everywhere at the end of time
– Potentially disturbing audio (old-timey audio with a lot of static?)

-Everywhere At The End Of Funk by Pierogii & Birdbonanza
Download here:

-Forgotten bopeebo & Who’s pico By AngelTheGamer
Download here:

-Friday Night Funkin’ Evil Mod by Phantom Fear
Download here:

Outro Song: ​



  1. The depressed mod is so sordid..
    The corrupted one is really scaring me !

  2. 10:27 he wants to show the peace sign, he forgets what he wants to do and just does that..

  3. AfiqHaiqal_11malay yt🇲🇾 *is back* says:

    Skeld his sad and shy we need to save her

  4. Idk what’s happening in the 2nd mode can u comment to tell me

  5. Fun fact: fnf will die because of the mods are better than the game.

  6. The thunder in corrupted in the last song is lemon demon and there's blood in skids face is the last song

  7. bf forgot how to funk on a friday night with the bois
    or is it with his girl?
    ehh idk

  8. Did anyone else see the lemon demon in the window on the 1st mod

    Edit: when lightning strikes

  9. The dad head in the second mod when he is losing is kinda unsettiling

  10. Nah not scary the first mod was dumb the other was weird not scary

  11. Has anyone noticed bf eyes when skid is almost fully corrupted they were looking at us at first then went to look as skid’s Direction 😳

  12. The first one scares me a lot I kept on saying oh my God

  13. The second is one is just sad


  14. No memory boy met up with the corruption kids in the thumbnail

  15. i don’t find fnf mods really scary but some unnerving ones are

    Vs Brightside
    Vs Bob (every mod in a nutshell, final song)
    Vs Starecrown
    Everywhere at the end of Funk
    And “You are Not alone”

    yeah these may be disturbing to some people so i’d advise to not look at these if you get scared or disturbed easily

  16. I fight for Skid and I will not hesitate to rap against pathetic corruption supporters.Go on, challenge me.

  17. A maldtito boifred con los recuerdos que perdió así en peso todo

  18. Skid and pum, is things I like but I I don’t really know what about the other one. I like blamed and pico! Kinda, but this is actually what I wanna see. I love almost all the characters.

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