Friday Night Funkin' Mods RUINED my SANITY -

Friday Night Funkin’ Mods RUINED my SANITY

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Friday Night Funkin is an INSANE indie game that makes me LOSE my MIND when I play the MODS! Big people like Markiplier probably played this game but these mods were seriously CURSED!

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  1. how dare jawsh make fun of my favorite game. you wont be laughing when the funkin army gets you…

    glad nobody else made fun of it though

  2. Friday Night Funkin' fans when I rib their parents for their pleasure: ☺

  3. As soon as I saw this title I prayed to god that jaws was there and my prayers were answered.

  4. This was the worst thing I’ve ever seen can’t wait for part 2

  5. This is one of my favourite videos I have ever seen

  6. This video is a more cruel penalty than death. Steven After Not Surviving Kino Boyfriend is a demonic chant that takes years off your life.

  7. He should play the fanf mod for this with Matpat in it

  8. this is the wholesomeness my life has been missing.

  9. i like how he skipped all the good ones out there

  10. i can't belive they brought peter griffin intro friday night funkin?!!!?!?!

  11. I don't believe this happened because jawsh says he had a good time

  12. Friday Night Funkin fans trying not to rap battle their microwave when it goes off.

  13. Wait, wasn't that loading screen from Newgrounds exclusive version? How did they get a hold of it for the Dream mod?

  14. Guys wait until part 69 where he plays the actual good fnf mods

  15. i LOVE how you play the absolute worst mods. this is a great video. upvote!

  16. Erm, it's not Friday though?

  17. Friday night funking fans' favorite Sonic song that isn't a mod is hill top zone

  18. I can't believe Altrive did this without sweating due to his antiperspirants. Funniest joke in the video.

  19. altrive ur not very good at this whole fucking game

  20. As someone who likes Friday night funkin’ I love this video

  21. FNF fans can’t stop themselves from dancing when the sorting algorithms start blasting

  22. I challenge altrive to roblox funky friday

  23. I think scars reopened after hearing the patch.

    I mean very cool.

  24. The only bad part about this is that I cant find the vod for this one 🙁

  25. Friday funkin nod but it's just through Jawsh's mic

  26. This was truly an eye opening experience watching them intentionally look for the worst mods. This is the only way to play the game

  27. Why does altrive know the lyrics to stronger than you wtf

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