Friday Night Funkin' NEW Pibby Leaks/Concepts (FNF Mod) Come and Learn with Pibby! -

Friday Night Funkin’ NEW Pibby Leaks/Concepts (FNF Mod) Come and Learn with Pibby!

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Friday Night Funkin’ NEW Pibby LeaksConcepts (FNF Mod) Come and Learn with Pibby! Today I’d like to show some new Pibby concepts for Friday Night Funkin’. I really hope you like it.


Intro @LordVoiid

Bf by @TheJakeneutron
Thank you for letting me do this!

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NEW Pibby Leaks/Concepts (FNF Mod) Come and Learn with Pibby!


  1. I think im gettinf nightmares cause of flippy

  2. Imagine Corrupted Battered Mickey Mouse, he would be boss of entire Pibby's mod.

  3. Anyone noticed flipqy Kapoor's right eye has a puple

  4. I hope someone tries drawing a pibby version of the gnome Giant from the first episode of gravity falls

  5. I love the corrupted of Squidward and Flippy


  7. Corrupted flippy and squidward I wish they were added to the game but you're are very good 👍👌❤😊

  8. Tbh i feel like when flippy is well flipped out he should be a good side cuz that side of him was a bad guy at first but when he got attacked by the glitch that would change his good side a bad side wouldn't it change its bad side to a good side ?

  9. Tbh squidward is the scary one but the cool to me is toothless

  10. And I get that all of the infecteds are supposed to be scary but its just i thing everything is horrifying

  11. The sound sounds like corrupted tabi

  12. YOOO with the toothless, I would love to see astrid be corrupted. Since she's the punching bag of the series.

  13. bro, which one we will know is a leak or a concept??

  14. Not toothless he's my fav cartoon!!!!!

  15. 😱😱😱😱😥 little girls she or Hebron instead of sleeping this emoji Gmail deals to sell operation

  16. Man and here i thought i would see another pibby-fied anime like mha or something

  17. Dang Squidward from of the corrupted makes me regret hating him


  19. 𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕝

  20. Where did you get this song from sad Finn yt ???? Please respond to me

  21. Can you make:
    Misfortune (little misfortune)
    Scarletta redd (littlest pet shop)
    Shadow the hedgehog
    Vampire lord (bloody bunny x aypan)

  22. *me patiently waiting for lightning mc
    queen on this*

  23. i like the russian banned show happy tree friends because of violence

  24. Question, are these for the offical pibby mod or no?

  25. I love pibby kapow flippy😍😍😍😍

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