Friday Night Funkin': ONLINE VS. - Roadkill (Mike Geno Remix) -

Friday Night Funkin’: ONLINE VS. – Roadkill (Mike Geno Remix)

Mike Geno
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Happy Halloween!!
Background and thumbnail art by: vanilla_draws22 (on instagram)

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  1. The original was already fantastic, and you might have just made it even better!

  2. Mike Geno You are awesome making music keep it preety good 😉

  3. Art is so cool! And you remaked banger song to double banger!
    Also you did transitions much better! (that was a problem in original)
    Good job as always! Keep up the fun work!

  4. Ay yo Mike that’s a banger! As always. And you didn’t even jam your gun-


  6. Now this is a fire remix 🔥 . Very nice! 😎👍

  7. Damn Mike Geno is on fire now they keep uploading bangers

  8. Your instrumentals are as amazing as always Mike!! Great work

  9. I hope your pc will be fixed…. Good luck with that!


  11. got here early finally. Excellent work mike! Pretty cool song

  12. Man mike geno your music are always very good, keep it up with that and btw this is a fire remix. 👍

  13. Mike Geno literally can’t make a bad remix/song they’ll all be bangers

  14. So sick Roadkill remix ever made by you, Mike Geno plus Happy Halloween to everyone who's having a thrilling time and to you 2 Mike Geno man

  15. I don't really have much to say about this but HOT DANG,

    Is this legit a pretty banger remix of this great song my dude and I love the art that's included in this as well ngl.

  16. Siii yo sabía q si o si tenias q hacer un remix de esto me encanta espere mucho pero ya está aqui

  17. Those are amazing, can I have the midi of your remix

  18. Sunny Gaming Playz YT ( Fnf fan) ( dead channel) says:

    Awesome remix! I love it! This goes hard and it's a hecking banger! That was so good! My favorite part of the song is 2:17 to 3:00. I am adding this Playlist right now. Great job Mike Geno! Keep up the great work! Also Happy Halloween everyone!

  19. Outstanding remix!! Only bangers come from you and I couldn't be happier, keep doing what you're doing cause you're absolutely doing it right!

  20. I would be so happy if you remixed isotope. It’s one of my favorite lullaby v2 songs.

  21. Mike geno making a good remix!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!?

  22. lol i wonder if i can get a mod song called king of blocks one day lol

    (also good job, this is banger as hell)

  23. awesome remix! cant wait for Anywhere,USA!

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