Friday Night Funkin' ONLINE VS. - SpookEDD (Challeng-EDD Halloween Remix / Blantados Remix) -

Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. – SpookEDD (Challeng-EDD Halloween Remix / Blantados Remix)

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Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. – SpookEDD (Challeng-EDD Halloween Remix / Blantados Remix)

Engine + Modpacks Download (Forces Modpack is out!):

Since a lot of you requested for the base remix for SpookEDD, here it is! Sorry this took a while to release. There was a bug that took a lot of time to fix (even if the solution was really stupid) so this was the main reason this took so long. This also features some unused animations that didn’t make it into the BETADCIU because of the character choices as well as some extra flair that I added post BETADCIU. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Original Song by philiplol

Mods Used:
FNF Online VS:
FNF Online VS Style Matt:
Triple Trouble but FNF Cast (Skid and Pump perspective sprites):

Chromatics Used:
Base Game Chromatics:
Pump Chromatic Scale:
My FLPs + Chromatics:

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    Tom Shoots harpoon
    Tord arm injury

  2. I was not expecting Skid and Pump to get offed like that 😨

  3. Amazing remix! Can't wait to see if Challeng-EDD will get a Christmas remix

  4. I was hoping for a thanksgiving one but its late it’s December now

  5. Man I surely died after the ending because that was so awesome!


  6. I love the fact tord just starts to say random things at the last 30s to start winning the unwinnable battle he is fighting

  7. “YOU’VE GOT TO SAVE THE CHILDREN!” I absolutely lost it.

  8. This needs to be a playable mod! 👏

  9. Loved the remix! Feels like a missed opportunity to have all 3 characters sing together at the very end though.

  10. Why use Skid and Pump instead of Boyfriend?

  11. oh THAT MAKES SENSE, i was like "how is this so good" then i saw its you blantados, of course you make the best fucken remix's bro

  12. I was not expecting such a hectic song out of this.

  13. Skid and Pump weren't KO'd by Eduardo, they were hit by a rocket.

  14. one thing I don't know if it's true, the letters are purple because now matt is in charge of eddsworld, right?

  15. in the midi the notes are like fucking slow wtf, how 2 fix?

  16. Haga uno de merry cristmas mix

  17. fun fact : both of them are from newgrounds

  18. Why those Tord sound like a boss even though he’s just a man in a robot

  19. Spooky month spooky dance

  20. مودات احلام العصر سنت2023 فيfnf

  21. for the christmas cover it would be cool if instead of tord there is tom

  22. It makes me fell nice to think that edd is just some adult just there to cheer up the kids on this spooky night 😊

  23. Does anyone know if there is a playable mod? I would like to play this sick mix.

  24. You should make a Christmas song with Matt and it would be called ChrisMATT

  25. I actually find it really precious that edd agreed to sing with the spooky kids

  26. Also btw just a note for the psych engine skin the accuracy doesn't start out in "you suck" it just shows the question mark until you start playing notes but if you like it your way you can have it like that

  27. Wait a minute this video was on my birthday

  28. For those who requested the base remix, here it is! I've also updated the FLP in the drive to match this version.

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