Friday Night Funkin' - Perfect Combo/Best Attempts - Vs Matt Mod + Cutscenes [HARD] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Perfect Combo/Best Attempts – Vs Matt Mod + Cutscenes [HARD]

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Welp, here it is! Wii Funkin’ in all it’s glory, even though I haven’t Full Combo’d the last 3 songs, I can honestly say that it was so much fun trying to get the best attempts. Even though the mod itself is INSANELY hard, it’s very fun!! Especially while listening to the music, god I love the music in this mod so much, Ruckus is my favorite track for sure. At the drops in the songs I pretty much mash through, because I’m absolutely awful at this game. I had a much better score on Target Practice as well, but the footage got corrupted unfortunately :(. I’d love to see someone else FC all the songs! It is 100% possible and I honestly think I could maybe do it too with enough practice, especially Boxing Match, but I just don’t have the time for it right now [maybe in the future though ;)]. Even though I missed a ton, I hope you guys enjoy anyways!
P.S. I’ve decided to upload 2 versions of this video, one with the miss sounds and one without, because I know some people like listening to my videos in the background. I’ll upload the next one in an hour!
Link to mod:

0:00 Light It Up [Perfect]
1:34 Ruckus [Perfect]
4:41 Target Practice [Best Attempt]
7:42 Sporting [Best Attempt]
10:38 Boxing Match [Best Attempt]

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Channel Info:
This channel consists of videos about modifications to a rhythmic video game (some of which I personally worked on) that range from slightly difficult to very hard for most players. Four arrows fly towards the screen forcing you to press them at the right time to the music. Hitting all the arrows in a song counts as a “Full Combo”, which is very hard to do and takes a lot of time and practice to be able to do consistently and is the main gimmick of my channel, which I showcase in each video. I also include secrets and extra content that might’ve been undiscovered and show them off through instructional and entertaining ways that can be used as guides, as well as occasionally adding my own input on things happening in the video, all done through my creative editing style that focuses on being concise and transformative. In the descriptions I give my in-depth opinion on the video game as well as timestamps for each part of the video. All the videos were played, recorded and edited by me. #FridayNightFunkin #FNF #Flippy


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  3. ""Who hasn't beaten Matt in a sword duel?"-wii player's

  4. If you listen to the instrumental version of these song you won't be able unhear the instrument HELP ME

  5. Good thing they put it easy now on the new fnf lol

  6. I just realized there was a castle crashers reference in the backround

  7. how does the girlfriend’s head don’t get tired

  8. Bro said in the title “perfect combo” but got 31 combo breaks / misses in target practice💀

  9. Wow

    Bro went from: hello im gonna train u to become boxer!

    To: your existence will be a thing of the past

  10. Hmmmmmm what is boyfriend saying in Morse code

  11. 5:40
    naughty naugthy, look whos doing a "perfect combo" right here.

  12. If you're not using bot play rest in peace to your keyboard

  13. O cara que acertou isso tudo merece meu respeito…

  14. Los pelados van a dominar el mundo

  15. Ele usa o robô para fazer os combos pra ele e quando chega na parte difícil ele desliga e tenta ele msm pra não parecer que é robô entendeu???

  16. Matt was using 10¹⁰⁰- of his power man

  17. U no I didn't think this shit was real with the fast pace Matt mod from these other people called "gametoons" and it was like a "Friday night funkin logic" thing they did and bro

    This shit is just as fast as that shit

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