Friday Night Funkin PLANTS vs ZOMBIES ! (Plants vs Rappers PVZ) FNF mods 139 -

Friday Night Funkin PLANTS vs ZOMBIES ! (Plants vs Rappers PVZ) FNF mods 139

SuperDog Tyler
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Today on FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN Mods I play NEW fnf PLANTS vs RAPPERS PVZ mod! This PvZ mod is INCREDIBLE & Plants vs Zombies is so nostalgic 🌻 I love the zombie gf & bf!!
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This Friday Night Funkin Fnf Plants vs Rappers / Plants vs Zombies mod is created by @Jason The Art Kid

Play the FNF Plants vs Rappers mod Alpha here ►

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  1. You need to press the brain because it will give you some health

  2. cool edits that makes us laugh tyler u make awesome videos but when u made the mr happy gameplay its hilarious when you noclipped thru the game and u said im in the backrooms and that is less boomery that what you just said snowifox. its like u arguing lol

  3. my god, i remember your channel before it even had 100k subs, we were also friends on roblox before my account got banned lol, its really amazing to see that youre almost at a whole million subscribers, keep up the good work man!

  4. مجرة إلالعاب Galaxy games says:

    Zombie 😄😄😄😎😎😎

  5. For every mod right when he says no misses he misses

  6. The mod was made by one person yet it’s sooo cool

  7. Tyler you know you have to hit the brain notes

  8. Yes, Chomper and Repeater fallen for no reason, they didnt got biten,

    Sunflower: We do not care if we lose

  9. I like the song tyler 🙂 try herobrine mod

  10. Is finaly here fnf vs gumball +darwin is here

  11. Day 4 of asking can you do the daddy dearest kills bf,mod?

  12. Did you saw zombie girfriend hes holding a zombieflag to call the other zombies

  13. Finelly you play this mod I had been waiting for you to play

  14. Pls make another piggy funny moments and Dare: when you are the piggy and you oof someone say oof oof oof oof oof OOF and when you get shooted say piggy oof say pork to the players and your skin should be solider ONLY SOLDIER

  15. Play Pokemon red version plz plz beginning you Tyler

  16. Yo Tyler i am in the super squad. And Yo have you ever played the Slenderman mode, I dare you it is like impossible. Even PGH FILMS could not do it lol .,go try

  17. Red mark makes a huge wave of zombies

  18. And I created them using the souls

  19. Do doraemon next that mod is gonna freak your nuts out

  20. Tnx for playing this mod I love this mod and you playing it makes my day

  21. Plotwist that might be coming: a triple Gatling Peashooter appears and it's harder

  22. the song two sound like tiky and flippy's sound mash up

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