Friday Night Funkin PS1 Commercial -

Friday Night Funkin PS1 Commercial

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For the newgrounds FNF animation jam



  1. The slow downfall of so much potential, many people already know how they feel about that, may good arise once more on this society idk

  2. It makes me kind of laugh to think that the animation was so well done that it makes it look like it was a real Friday Night Funkin commercial, but for the PS1.
    I don't know, I'm just saying.

  3. This looks typically from a lost media content.

  4. It's still as cool as it was 2 years ago, lol

  5. Alr buddy better pull those balls back up bc its been 2 years

  6. Gummy Hound AKA Huck Hound Gummy Bear

  7. This f**** thing when i'm washing why is f*** this video the f**** f**** care i want this video f***never watching

  8. FNF began its downfall and it started with the gametoons videos, then amoraltra and other mod creators, now its THE creators of FNF that used $2,000,000,000 on crack. (Atleast thats what I heard)

    How can one small project turn into a trainwreck? It's just sad really.

  9. Ah yes FNF the game that got me into rhythm games

  10. And now It all ended like another crazy thong that is becoming more common every day

  11. Newgrounds was actually launched a year after the PS1 was released. So this could’ve actually happened.

  12. Nostalgic, when the fnf community had less toxic people.

  13. And they spent their kickstarter money on crack, which already meant that the game would be full of degenerates

  14. Yall remember when this game was popular lol this game died hard af

  15. what happened to this game ? i know just that the devs messed things up but now everyone saying that the game became terrible even tho i am sure mods are traying everything so they can keep it alive.

    edit: they say that the devs are traying to fix things in time but what is the point when they do it will be over, just like a doctor who forget he's tools, as soon as he get them, the patient is already dead

  16. Picos uzi would be used for a light gun game

  17. i actually believed this when i was younger

  18. This was made really made way back for the ps1 or is it just fan made ?

  19. lol i started playing fnf in like december 2020 and its now 2024!

  20. it’s the fact all the money people spent on the kickstarter was spent on actual crack 💀

  21. Underrated and criticized because of the community, i really loved this game, it's a shame that cool stuff like this gets surrounded by toxicity and predators

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