Friday Night Funkin' - Ruv vs. Whitty (Zavodila) [Sarvente vs. Whitty Demo Mod] -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Ruv vs. Whitty (Zavodila) [Sarvente vs. Whitty Demo Mod]

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Sarvente vs Whitty Mod:
Shyrell Mod:
Ruv Remaster:
Zavodila (Vs Whitty Remix):

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  1. whitty:*becomes balistic when missing notes*

  2. a russian man who can cause an earthquake by singing battles a american bomb who sounds litirally a guitar

  3. When a Russian boom argues about a bomb head

  4. so in short. the title should be "russian vs suicide bomber''

  5. Roblox guesty the blue hair RSH 10 THUNDERBEAM says:

    Bf and gf they scared of ruv's voice because its brutal scary sound

  6. Whitty: I am going to fill the entire earth with notes.

  7. Whitty is asserting his dominance by just taking a lot of notes.

  8. So This Is The Story: In The Past Whitty Bullied Kapi And Also Kapi's Super Master Ruv Defends Kapi And Ruv Trains Kapi Some Super Cool Karate! And Now Kapi Is Super Rich! And Super Famous! And Super Popular! And Also The Super Master Of Karate! And Ruv Wants To Get Revenge At Whitty! Because Whitty Is A Hazard To Society!

  9. Well, boyfriend and girlfriend are scared of ruv because he had a microphone off the whole time, and witty did not

  10. Bruh Whitty go in style how many notes has he eaten today bro💀maybe his on a coma in the song he has more notes than rug💀

  11. Me when fighting with my clone to tell whos real:

  12. shout out to the cameraman who plays as whitty

  13. When in WW3 Russia and Ukraine got fighting most severe

  14. I don't wanna play this, but you can bet you butt im gonna listen to it on repeat

  15. it has ben a wall seen i seen is song is it sill good?

  16. The ready set go guy before

    In a high sound

    After 60 years of smoking

    ReAdY sEt Go💀

  17. the start Sound Made No Autotune Anymore 💀💀💀, Autotune is in Msm Right now 💀💀💀

  18. "HES GONNA DESTROY US!!!" "Ah,but HE'LL protect us"

  19. Ты здесь не играл за уитти, тут был бот!

  20. Рув знает что победит, поэтому не делает лишних движений

  21. When ruv talks to whitty
    Ruv: hey ugly bomb man
    Whitty your will pay for this
    Me chill guys

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