Friday Night Funkin': Speed.GIF V2 FULL + All Secrets [Vs Cyclops DEMO V2] FNF Mod/Sonic.EXE -

Friday Night Funkin’: Speed.GIF V2 FULL + All Secrets [Vs Cyclops DEMO V2] FNF Mod/Sonic.EXE

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00:00 Preview by LulGamingg
00:44 Intro & Menu
1:04 Control Song (Revamped)
4:13 Control Loaded Song
6:31 Tails.EXE appeared
8:06 School House Song
11:22 Instigation Song
11:27 Song Intro
14:03 Cyclops Transformation
15:06 Code 07-07 Manipulation Song
17:46 Code 66-60 Secret
18:11 All game over animation
18:41 Credits
19:01 Outro
A Sonic CD inspired Sonic.exe mod, starring Cyclops as the main antagonist!
It’s pitch black and your vision is blurry, and you see a familiar blue figure… is that… Sonic?
After 8 months of hard work, we’re happy to announce the update to Speed.GIF! (his name is CYCLOPS, not Speed.GIF, that’s the mod’s name.)
– Fully REVAMPED “Control”
– Fully Custom Menu
– New Extra Songs!
– Juicy Secrets…
– Don’t keep Cyclops waiting though, he gets impatient.
Speed.GIF [Vs. Cyclops DEMO V2 UPDATE!]
Speed.GIF DEMO V2 Team
powpow – Creator/Director of Speed.GIF and Cyclops.ISO
DeltaB – Founder/Musician
0Wilde – Charter
Nebula_Zorua – Main Coder
MTF – Artist
Lemonemy – Composer
Echolocated – Musician
Crazii – 3D Artist/Created the OG GIF
EggNillo – Artist
Mcir – Artist/Animator
#FNFMod #Speed.GIF #CyclopsSonic.EXE


  1. Wait does it keep the knuckles thing when you choose downscroll?

  2. uh oh just a correction the guy at the intro IS NOT cyclops ‼️‼️

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