Friday Night Funkin' The Holiday Mod Week 2 is Mad... -

Friday Night Funkin’ The Holiday Mod Week 2 is Mad…

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Friday Night Funkin’ The Holiday Mod Part 2 is here and the FNF Holiday Mod made by the amazing bbpanzu has been updated with week 2. Part 2 and week 2 of the FNF Holiday Mod is a wild upgrade from part 1 week 1 with all new mechanics, animations, cutscenes and of course… songs. With 5 new songs in “FELIZ”, “HARK”, “YOU”, DEMOLITION” and the freeplay song “ZANTA”, this FNF mod is one the greatest Friday Night Funkin’ mods with it’s humour, animation, and mechanics not seen in any other FNF mod (the Pico shooting mechanic is insane). Friday Night Funkin’ The Holiday Mod Part 2 doesn’t really connect to the story of Friday Night Funkin’ The Holiday Mod Part 1, as Tankman, Senpai, Mommy Mearest and even Eddsworld characters such as Tom, Edd and Zanta Claws appear. Honestly this one of the most unique and crreative mods to date, and one that was appeantly made in such a short time too. I hope to see the mechaincs in this FNF mod expanded upon in future mods by bbpanzu and other FNF mod creators…

Friday Night Funkin’ The Holiday Mod part 1 –
Play the Friday Night Funkin’ The Holiday Mod Part 2 here –

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  1. Mairusu: "It's a kids game!!!" >:(
    The MM and Tankmen week: Am a joke to you?

  2. Always remember. Friday Night Funkn is NOT a kids game. It never was.

  3. Mod you should maybe play: FNF HD. I know it’s just FNF but HD but there’s a new week (either that or a separate mod) with Sonic in it.

  4. Zanta is basically a zombie Santa Claus and what he does is if you're on the naughty list he bites your head off. And his list says that Edd, Matt, Tord, and Tom have been bad. He also hates the real Santa Claus. And that's basically all you need to know for this battle.

  5. Till you get the chance to watch Eddsworld here’s some things you should know(character wise and such); Tom’s the only one with pitch black eyes, Edd’s the one who loves cola and always wears a green hoodie, Matt is the only ginger and wears a purple hoodie with a green overcoat, Tord left the show but he’s the one with the red hoodie and hair that looks like horns, the zombie Santa is called Zanta. I’m just gonna put that for now.

  6. HOLD ON A SECOND! this Zanta sounds like slowed down and pitched down tricky!!

  7. You should play ben drowned mic of time mod

  8. The strange rythym method in Zanta is a refrence to another rythym game known as Drum and Fun in english.

  9. I got the offical Sans hoodie for Christmas

  10. 4:41 you better be joking about saying FNF is a kids game cause i hate when people are serious about that

  11. The 1st song in the week is the word happy but in spanish, go and translate it 😉

  12. Hey mairusu have you heard of a new fnia fan game called fnia after hours?

  13. The guy at the last one is named Tom he is not the villan but he hate chrismas

  14. Mairsu watch Eddsworld. It's a fun little series. And hey if you liked doki doki you might like Eddsworld. After all they have some big similarities dispite their differences. Two people who argue with each other a lot. Similar four friend adventures and experiences cough. . Dispite tord not being in too much of the newer one.

    Tord basically disappeared from the series after the end just like sayori disappeared from doki doki when Monika deleted her lol.

  15. Bro, this ain't a fuckin' kids game….

  16. i can't tell if the VA for tankman is Johnny Utah himself or some other person with a spot on voice

  17. Tord: has a red hoodie
    Matt:only love himself then anyone
    Edd:chill,love cola
    Tom:has no eyes and Very hate Christmas like A lot

  18. Omg Tom is not from FNF he’s from eddsworld

  19. Fun fact this was a eddsworld episode and the zanta got Tom blue eyes and that's why Tom has blue eyes

  20. Bruh, Mairusu theres a mod called jeffys you ŇĒƏĐ to check it out!

  21. tom is mainly a protagonist (Except for Zanta Claws 3 Where He Destroys the town)
    edd is a protagonist
    matt is a protagonist
    and tord is the antagonist

  22. Deal?
    Cam I habes some kromer?
    Please cause
    It me. Every.
    Body. People person

  23. Tom does not celebrate Christmas so he didn’t know witch Santa is witch and he hated Christmas at first also he hates so much he take gets drunk and keeps a look out for Santa to kill him but Zanta also is trying to kill and stop chrismas because he use to be the Santa but he died and got replaced

  24. hey mariusu have you seen the slendy tubbies MOD (fnf) based on a horror game called the slendytubbies!

  25. taiko mode is from the game taiko no tatsujin

  26. Love that they added taiko no tatsujin amazing

  27. Tom: Oh know which one do I shoot! shoots Santa Edd: you shot the wrong you idiot

  28. Tom in the Santa sleigh is a refrence to Zanta claws 3 and the one where they rap Vs zanta is zanta claws 2

  29. in eddsworld:
    the main characters are tom,edd,matt,tord
    edd is usually the leader,tom is tom,matt is dumb,tord… is the leader of the red army base

    edd is in green hoodie
    tom is in blue hoodie
    matt is in purple hoodie

    You'll figure out the rest once you actually watch it… there is a lot of lore

  30. 4:40 Does he GENUINELY think that Friday Night Funkin’ is a kids game?

  31. "This is a kids game!"
    Horror mods: (ʘ-ʘ ) ( ʘ-ʘ)

  32. Tord has a red hoodie. Tom has a blue hoodie .Matt has a purple shirt with a green over coat. Eddie has a green hoodie.

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