Friday Night Funkin’ - The Most Pathetic Speedrun of All Time -

Friday Night Funkin’ – The Most Pathetic Speedrun of All Time

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Friday Night Funkin music is a game about arrows. And pressing arrows when the game wants you to. But did you know that it endorses horrible things such as [REDACTED]? I’m sure you didn’t!
There are many music tracks and songs in this game, such as Tutorial, Bopeebo, Fresh, Dadbattle, Spookeez, South, Pico, Philly, and even one from your favorite hip-hop duo 100 gecs, Blammed!

Wow this is easy to farm keywords for.

Unfortunately, this is not 100% no miss gameplay, or Friday Night Funkin music South instrumental, but rather it is a funny guy having a funny time failing really horribly at a rhythm game known as Friday Night Funkin’, which is very similar to Parappa the Rapper and Parappa the Rapper 2.

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There is also some very disturbing gameplay of a corrupted version of the game with jqhnathan in it. It is a disturbing, scary, gameplay, similar to the YouTube videos published by Corpse Husband! I love to watch Corpse Husband play Among Us with Sykkuno and James Charles.

And while I do enjoy watching Corpse Husband and his Among Us 1000 IQ plays, there is definitely something to be said about James Charles! I love his make up, and I wear it every time I can. I like to take pictures of me in my James Charles Sisters merch and post it on my social media platform(s), such as Twitter! Which you can reach me at @ jqhnathan.

But this isn’t about Among Us, or Corpse Husband scary stories, or even James Charles- this is about the fun new game called Friday Night Funkin music! Which you can play right in your browser on a laptop or desktop PC.

Yes I know I just copy-pasted 90% of the description from the last video, and that is because I am too lazy to write a new one. I have no remorse.

Thank you ALL SO MUCH for the support recently, it has been crazy and a little bonkers. Unfortunately, the day I uploaded my Friday Night Funkin’ video last week, my wifi shut off and still isn’t back up yet. So, after jumping through a lot of hoops, I was able to upload this video off of mobile data on my phone. So, while it took way longer than I was hoping, here’s a kind of funny follow up to The Funkiest Video of All Time!

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  1. 3 months ago will you still heart my comment

  2. dude if you can get past week 2 then to me that is god mode. I cant even beat it on easy mode so if you can then I'm impressed.

  3. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. what editinng software do you use

  5. You may be bad, but so am i, so were BOTH hot garbage!

  6. your not that bad i am the same so no big deal right??

  7. you can actually press r to die for some reason

  8. Your good! Let me challenge you! Right Hand challenge!

  9. I say you’re pretty good even though I didn’t see you play I am pretty bad too but I am also good at madness which is in the tricky mode because I just spam

  10. U Are The BEST Youtuber
    And Also I Love Ur Videos

  11. its ok when i played my 1st game on bopeebo, i did bad. lol

  12. If you wanna shorten your run. Press r in the middle of a match.

  13. You could shave of a few seconds if as soon as the song starts you press R because for some reason u die immediately if you press that during a song

  14. As a 7 year rhythm game player, you are neat.

  15. I think I I think I like it I like it actually I think you’re good

  16. You: disaster loud sounds
    jqhnathan: no, the funk!
    You: next in 5:43

  17. A tip: go to spookeez or south because it has the least files

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  19. wait you sound like the boyfriend from the sunday mod

  20. i only found you from you voice acting the Sunday thing

  21. Yo! I’m wondering if i can use this audio to make a animatic of Boyfriend speedrunning FNF, just asking for permission lol

  22. Nice video! The tip I gave really helped me with completing the 3rd soundtrack on week 1

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