Friday Night Funkin' - Timothy Ghost Train vs Thomas Train (Confronting Yourself) -

Friday Night Funkin’ – Timothy Ghost Train vs Thomas Train (Confronting Yourself)

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  1. Timothy is so tough hes already moving doesnt turn wheels

  2. Ḩ̶̳̣̮̻̪̜͍̹̭͓͍̳̼̈́̅́̄̍̀͐́̊̽͌̊̂͂͠͝͝i̵̢̢̡͚̩̞̥͕̜̻̫̩̐̈͘͜

  3. Timothy his wheels were literally like moving

  4. It look likes sonic vs sonic exe fnf mod thomas

  5. I love the fact that Timothy’s wheels aren’t moving

  6. Thomas running from timothy!!1!1!1!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

  7. I’m just sad I didn’t get the chromatic of Thomas, I was waiting for the creator to accept my permission but nothing.

    Good cover though!

  8. Kinda like how Timothy chased percy and toby in the movie

  9. when u press 2 button timothy was like this like ayo timothy you creepy

  10. Guys you know Timothy is a spider from doors

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