Friday Night Funkin' Update | FULL WeekEnd 1 + Cutscenes (FNF Update) (BF/GF/Pico) (It's not Week 8) -

Friday Night Funkin’ Update | FULL WeekEnd 1 + Cutscenes (FNF Update) (BF/GF/Pico) (It’s not Week 8)

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Friday Night Funkin’ Update | FULL WeekEnd 1 + Cutscenes for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This time we get to play as Pico and we meet up with Nene and Darnell in this new fnf update 2024.
Developed by THE FUNKIN’ CREW INC:

This is my gameplay with perfect sound. The official FNF base game just got updated, but for some reason I see everyone calling it fnf week 8 when it’s not that. It’s mainly the WeekEnd 1 update with new remixes called Erect/Nightmare, New charting mode, result screen, sound effects, game over animations, a sick looking freeplay, etc. There is also a few new sprites in freeplay and some other places. We get to see Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest, Girlfriend and Boyfriend too in a promo cutscene. The FNF animation for the promo was pretty awesome. I’m glad we got to see more of BF and GF here.

I’ll mainly focus on playing the new content, Week end 1 and whatever new things we can find. I’ll be playing all of the new songs on very hard and nightmare for erect.

FNF Merch

Friday Night Funkin’, Vol. 3 (Original Game Soundtrack)

FNF Erect Mode Sampler for more fnf content:


First we got VS Yourself in Hit Single Real – Silly Billy, and now this FNF Update! Go play it!

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Update Timestamp:
00:00 Preview & Message (My gameplay have perfect sound)
00:38 GF heart
00:41 Intro
00:54 Title Screen
01:02 Menu
01:07 Freeplay (New)
01:19 Random Quick theme
01:31 Week list
01:46 Weekend 1 (Why people calling this fnf week 8?)
01:52 Cutscenes 1
03:18 1) Darnell – Song (Darnell w/ Nene vs Pico)
05:35 2) Lit Up – Song
07:32 3) 2hot – Song
07:42 Darnell attacks (Nene has an attack ready pose, but only appears when you are losing)
09:30 One last attack
09:34 Cutscenes 2
10:02 4) Blazin
10:35 I thought this part was funny
12:00 End
12:06 Cutscenes 3
12:39 BF & GF picture
12:50 New Result Screen! & Reference
13:26 Stickers & Freeplay
13:29 Weekend songs unlocked
13:33 5) Bopeebo Erect (VS Daddy Dearest)
15:56 6) Fresh Erect
17:38 7) Dadbattle Erect
20:09 8) Spookeez Erect (VS Skid & Pump)
22:49 9) South Erect
25:06 10) Pico Erect (VS Pico)
27:15 11) Philly Nice Erect
29:30 12) Blammed Erect
31:34 13) High Erect (VS Mommy Mearest)
33:41 14) Senpai Erect (VS Senpai)
35:52 15) Roses Erect
37:48 16) Thorns Erect (VS Spirit)
39:57 Pressing random
40:01 Credit (You might be surprised seeing whose here)
41:15 Pause Theme
42:20 offset
42:24 New sound effects /Picture/reset/reset to menu (by pressing f1-f5)
42:55 New Chart editor
43:53 New Wallpaper
43:58 Skid/Pump & BF new pose
44:15 Bad and perfect victory themes
45:01 When you finish testing your chart
45:08 Difference between Erect & Nightmare
45:13 Game Over Animations (Speaker has audio visualizer, but it only works on newgrounds ver.)
46:19 Idle Animation in freeplay and random theme
46:33 Merch (A lot of cool art on it)
46:40 Weekend 1: Toy Commercial Cutscene 4 (Secret FNF Animation from idling at Title Screen)
48:49 Unused Girlfriend Song & 1 More Game Over Screen

Dev Creators for FNF below:
ninja_muffin99 – Co Direction/Programmer Lead:

PhantomArcade3K – Direction and Art lead:

kawaisprite – Musician, Main music lead:

evilsk8r – art:

More credit ingame. I’ll make a google doc soon to link everyone else cuz I cant fit them all in description, there’s so many new people on the team like Saruky and Saster plus a lot of other familiar faces. Check credit on timestamp to see.
Google Doc Credit:

Get the game and support the creators of the Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Game:

FNF – Fire In The Hole (ROCKY UPDATE) – Lobotomy Geometry Dash 2.2 (FNF Mod/Hard)

FNF Playable Mayhem | Undertale/Imposter/Sonic.exe/Etc (FNF Mod) (Chara GF/BF)

FNF VS Indie Cross V1 FULL WEEK + Cutscenes & Ending (Sans Cuphead Bendy)

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2024)
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  1. Everything about this is amazing, I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…WE GOT AN FNF UPDATE BEFORE GTA 6

  2. Oh shit, I thought they just took the money and bailed!

  3. This whole update is absolutely beautiful (not three years beautiful but still pretty good) Also I will never be able to unsee the toy commercial cutscene.

  4. DD at the end of the figure ad looks so dead inside lmfao

  5. Wooooooo. Que buen momento para llegar a casa y darme cuenta de esta bomba

  6. Tbh I'm just glad they finally got to bang even if it was in a figurine ad. Good for them

  7. 0:38 i dare you to look at me in the eyes and tell me that this is not intentional

  8. OH MY GOD???
    OH MY GOD???

  9. I feel like for 3 years there could have been like another week added and all remixes complete but I dont know

  10. Eu amo o Darnell melhor voz da atualização 🎉

  11. Pretty fire Ngl, I’m so damn happy they finally updated the game 😭

  12. let's hope next update will come real soon

  13. They exaggerated the updates a little too much, the last part is little bit… 💀

  14. All the Erect songs are hard to play ❌
    All the Erect songs make you hard while playing ✅

  15. now the chart editor looks like its actually supposed to be used

  16. 48:26 meet the best toy ever!!! It’s a boyfriend figure!!!!! (Totally not alive) you can!:
    Play with it,
    Put it in a pocket,
    Take a shower with it
    48:02 Eat it- (wait, why it’s in the script?- daddy: don’t worry about it! Me: uh ok- anyway)
    Listening to music while with your figure and
    Watch the sunset 🌅 and-
    48:18 uh-

  17. Bro the cutscene 3 bit played out like a Sr Pelo video 😭

  18. at 11:25 pause, and then put the speed to ×0,25
    After that, start the video

  19. FINALMENTE Friday Night Funkin Voltou Vou Fazer Um Fnf Mod 🙂

  20. 456:35 I bet there's like at least a handful of comments that probably brought this up, But I died whenever a spray paint bomb was being thrown and a secret death screen appeared with pico's face blown up like a cartoon character, and the retry is seen in the smoke coming from his head.

  21. Bro they did an amazing job with this update and the cutscenes are so well made :0

  22. WE'RE GOING TO 2021 WITH THIS ONE 🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥

  23. They tried taking bros penile id run too

  24. So now we got how Darnell really sounds. Guessing any darnell using mods' are gonna be remade

  25. Thank you for playing the update we worked so hard on, I hope you liked it!

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