Friday Night Funkin' vs Akinator -

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Akinator

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Friday Night Funkin’ vs Akinator… can the Akinator guess the characters from Friday Night Funkin’? Will the beat of the FNF Boyfriend and Girlfriend be to much for the know it all Genie? Or can the Akinator be defeated and beat with characters like Daddy Dearest, Mommy must Murder and the Lemon Demon aka Monster? Or will he defeat the likes of Pico and Sr Pelo’s Skid and Pump? Let’s find out…

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  1. Actually the real name for boyfriend is Keith yeh akinator said it right like what u will see there is mod called BB in this mode boyfriend will fight his big brother so in the last the big brother will talk with boyfriend but he will not call him boyfriend he was calling him Keith so yeh that is the real name for boy friend

  2. If it’s a lemon female if it’s big female if it’s female or weirdo Male

  3. There is A YouTube Channel That Does FNF But in Anime.

  4. Boyfriend is Keith girlfriend is cherry

  5. Shes called mommy mearset idl if i spelled it wrong


  7. NOTE: if you accept his name is keith, we will beat up the creator's word "HIS NAME IS NOT KEITH PLAYERS!"

  8. Cameron Woodard-Littrell (Cammo Cleaning LLC.) says:

    His name is Keith

  9. Girlfriend call him boyfriend so if boyfriend was not have a girlfriend his name is Keith

  10. His name is actually Keith IDK if the time you recorded this video the big brother mod was their bf's big brother said its nice to meet you again Keith! So he is Keith

  11. Her name is actually Mommy Mearest ( must be )

    Me:dude hes a girl though ;-;are u sure u know abt fnf????XD


  14. Mom dearesrt??? Not mom dearest mom mearest

  15. Do Edda World toward markeord Tom edd Matt

  16. The person who made akinator leaks your account and hacks your microphone letting them hear you everywhere you go

  17. It makes Sense he uses his phone in one of the animation.

  18. You weren’t lying when you said you Didn’t know A lot about skid and pump. You didn’t even know their normal kids in Costumes.

  19. I think he's a simp tho

    It's fine tho, I am too

  20. Skid and Pump are humans (well kids in costumes) and have hair, you can see it in the series in the pictures

  21. According to the game the fnf developers made bf and gf they dont really care for all ppl in the fnf mods so therefore they are 19 and DUMB

  22. Pico does use his gun in the tankman week

  23. not mama dearest it’s mommy mearest

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