Friday Night Funkin' VS Bunzo Bunny | but Bunzo Swaps Boyfriend -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bunzo Bunny | but Bunzo Swaps Boyfriend

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Bunzo Bunny | but Bunzo Swaps Boyfriend !

in this video, I just swapped the characters, I thought it would be cool… I hope you enjoy it!

…and yes, here is the link to the mod, thanks to the team of mod creators
Bunzo Bunny & Mommy Long Legs Download:

Support the developers of Friday Night Funkin’

Thanks for watching! Write in comments which character you want to see the next!
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  2. you could have just swapped the vocal but nooooOoOooOoo you made it worse

  3. boyfriend be like '' yes it is time for my revenge''

  4. boyfriend: Time for revenge AHAHAHAH!!!!!
    Bonzo: uh oh

  5. Not so tuff are you Bunzo when you are the one playing the game and you’re not gonna be killing the prayer

  6. “now you may see what it’s like bunzo, is it fun?”

  7. tonto boyfriend no sabe que despues de eso bunzo moria entonces como el esta ay va amorir 'u'

  8. Like You Made Bunzo Playable Make Him a Real Playable Mod

  9. Год змеи как дела с нашим 23 Вт ядбядя

  10. 『 ᑕᕼᗩᖇᒪᗝ丅丅ᗴ 丅ᕼᗴ ᗪᖇᗩǤᗝᑎ 』 says:

    "Payback bi-" – boyfriend

  11. I love this! It’s cartoony and funny but it still feels like the movie and it’s still in character!!!

  12. 👉✌🤞🤝👍🏻🤘🤟✌👌🤏🤚✋🖖👋

  13. Why is Banzu's ears like that but boy friend's is great

  14. this so cursed even the coments number is 69 lol

  15. Just thing. Mini boyfriend is gonna slap your head

  16. Lol bunzo be bf / bf be bunzo

  17. Time Traveller : (kicks a rock)

    The timeline :

  18. How did you swap bunzo bunny with boyfriend and boyfriend with bunzo bunny?

  19. cool boyfriend es bunzo bunny y bunzo bunny es el jugador

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