Friday Night Funkin' VS Choo-Choo Charles Friend ?? BEAST | Not Pibby Mod (FNF Mod, Horror) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Choo-Choo Charles Friend ?? BEAST | Not Pibby Mod (FNF Mod, Horror)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Choo Choo Charles Friend ?? FNF Beast Oliver. So we hav a Non FNF Pibby Mod – VS Beast Oliver. Watching this song reminds me of FNF Choo Choo Charles Mod. Let’s see when we’ll get a fnf mod on vs choo choo charles or even vs pibby choo choo charles mod?

In fight with every new FNF X Pibby mods created in the past, will Boyfriend, Girlfriend be able to defeat these corrupted fnf x pibby characters? or BF and Gf get corrupted too?
We got so many fnf pibby bfdi mods like bfdi pibby, pibby bfci, pibby four, corrupted cake, pibby needle, corrupted x, pibby icey and many more in fnf pibby bfdi 2.0 update mod. We also got many cool fnf pibby mods like – fnf pibby family guy, fnf family guy darkness takeover, fnf pibby corrupted mods like Finn, Pibby A , pibby gummy bear fnf, Gumball, fnf pibby vicky, Jake, Pibby Baldi, Mickey Mouse, Powerpuff Girls, Robin, Princess Bubblegum, vs alphabet lore, pibby imposter, pibby garcello mod, VS Pibby Girlfriend, Corrupted Shaggy, pibby snail, Pibby Spongebob, Corrupted pucca, Pibby Patrick, Corrupted Mr Kat, Pibby Phineas, Corrupted Peppa Pig and Pibby Tails, Corrupted Bugs Bunny, Pibby Regular Show, Pibby Garcello, Pico, Oswald, Corrupted Orange, Phineas and Ferb, pibby girlfriend and Tails as pibby’s corruption mods. Let’s see which corrupted character will be included in future FNF x Pibby Mods after this fnf Pibby Mod, like Fred Flintstone, Pibby, Scooby-Doo, Rocko’s Modern Life, Velma, and many others from the pibby show.

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VS Oliver Beast – FNF: The Railway Funkin’ Download

Franboise-Senpai – Director, Main Artist and Cover Maker

Calitsuki – Main Musician, Chromatic Maker
Mr.Moustache64 – Main Charter
playeah – Coder
Dollphin – Musician, Main Chromatic Maker
TomyGamy – Coder
The_Reda_Show – Artist
Deadlyne – Ex-Coder
Yasfunny – Ex-Musician, Chromatic Maker
JustAnto – Play-tester
Noa – Play-tester
Matteo1304 – Play-tester
Special Thanks
Aussie Axe – Helped with corrupted FLP
EEYM – Helped with corrupted FLP
Extra Credits
IagoAnims – Friday Night Funkin’ Minus (BF Minus)
WizardMantis – Cam movement script
JobDoughBoi – Lord X Creator/Owner
Churgney Gurgney – Lord X Chromatic
Rev. W. Awdry – The creator of The Railway Series and Thomas The Tank Engine
Mattel – Owners of Thomas & Friends

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Choo-Choo Charles Friend ?? BEAST | Not Pibby Mod (FNF Mod, Horror) Timestamp:
00:00 FNF Beast vs BF Preview
00:19 Predicament (Beast vs BF)
03:26 Ending

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  1. Немного на перси похож 😢😢😢😢

  2. Wow new update oliver the beast and diesel 10 and Toby the tram Thomas and Lord X

  3. for those who don't know what Sodor Fallout is its a little show where if a Nuclear Plant gets built on Sodor Island and the train in the video is a mutated train named Oliver watch the series its pretty good ngl

  4. That is not charles friend it's Oliver from sodor fallout

  5. 2:46 is a reference to the runaway theme used in Thomas the tank engine by the way. I know this because when I was kid, I used to watch Thomas the tank engine all day.

  6. For those of you who don't know, That is Oliver after being injected with a unknown substance in Tidmouth Thunderbolt's fanfiction called: Sodor Fallout. This thing turns Oliver aggressive and causes him to go onto a rampage.

  7. Yea this it oliver in sodor fallout and oliver always chase the train that are run on the railway , so they name oilver the beast

  8. This is percy.exe when the Percy Its a friend of Thomas maybe

  9. thi is not Choo-Choo Charles is Oliver sodor fallout
    thomas and friends

  10. Wait if we’re fighting Oliver, then who’s the train?!

  11. Man that’s not choo choo Charlie wtf you mean.

  12. if i can recall this train in from the Sodor fallout a Thomas the tank engine au


    Edit: i forgot the name of the trains lol

  13. I'm just offended that people think it's Charles, what's Oliver from sodor fallout, but regardless I loved the little references in the songs.

  14. Fun fact: this Oliver from Thomas and friends. This Oliver is made from something called sodor fallout.

  15. how will they be friends since the beast came first than cho-cho charles

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