Friday Night Funkin Vs Dave: Golden Apple Edition - Release and Showcase -

Friday Night Funkin Vs Dave: Golden Apple Edition – Release and Showcase

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  1. Outta nowhere, but I still think Bandu says "HOLY SHIT THAT WAS S U S " in the beginning of Applecore what the fuck

  2. Dave kinda sounds like bob from Vs Bob in Wireframe

  3. 19:07
    I've heard this… somewhere
    someone else must have too

  4. bandu didnt seem like he actually wanted to beat you; just doing it for fun while bambi and unfair bambi just look like they want to punch you in the face

  5. FUN FACT: The Golden Apple version has only 3D characters.
    Edit: The song Wheels and Thunderstorm is not even 3D.
    Edit 2: Even theres a secret song called Dave and Bambi Shipping Cute, but its not even 3D. The other secret song was Recovered-Project/Recovered Project
    Edit 3: How to go to Recovered-Project/Recovered Project, Die on Disability and press esc.

  6. I see how much I can do with so little. It's really impressive.

    Also if we are to believe that in origin, that it is in fact bandu's true form, and that in cycles we see that bandu has a fursuit. With this information we can assume that bandu is way to far into cosplay, in this essay I will.

  7. Barely an of this makes sense, but I love it!

  8. how is nobody talking about the fact that algebra is 11 mins long making it (i think) the second longest song in fnf

  9. The mid middle part is such a bop.
    Edit: I’m talking about this: 5:09

  10. I like the song Disruption and maybe sugar rush

  11. The part where bambi says stop made me remember him singing in splitathon with that voice

  12. I like how you made some references to the old mod, I hope we get to see Baldi in the mod!

  13. thunderstorm dave looks like a discord pfp

  14. Wireframe is literally unfairness Dave and unfairness Bandu or it's just me?
    I absolutely love it.

  15. Why wheels song Dave idle is so fricking cute

  16. Vs Dave and Bambi mod is officially the longest mod
    14:37 Bandu after to much coke

  17. 0:52 Readsruption (Disruption 2x Speed)
    3:50 Bananacore (applecore 2x Speed)
    9:22 Spinnin + Going (Disability 2x Speed)
    13:10 BF on A Wheelchair (Wireframe 2x Speed)
    16:57 palomter (algebra 2x Speed)
    Use This (Only For 2x Speed)
    Normal Speed:
    Disruption 0:52
    Applecore 3:50
    Disability 9:22
    Wireframe 13:10
    algebra 16:57
    I Have To Do The Songs In The Weeks
    0:52 Tnscrewed (Disruption 0.5x Speed)
    3.50 Pearcore (Applecore 0.5x Speed)
    6:22 bility (Disability 0.5x Speed)
    13:20 Disclamber (wireframe 0.5x Speed)
    16:57 Kanoter (algebra 0.5x Speed)

  18. i love this mod lmao

    bangers song but funni characters

  19. m,e when i see big chungus in real life

  20. Shaggy wants to know daves location: Yes Or No

  21. I really wanna play this but my pc cant run it:(

  22. Se dieron cuenta que todos los personajes que nos enfrentamos estan 3D?

  23. Wow that like it was awesome but it is cool and I am so addicted

  24. At the end of the diamond part idk the instrumentral sounds like applecore when unfairness appears.

  25. then why u got live stream wireframe this time for 3;90 pm

  26. also danger icons ARE IN THE MOD they were just bugged when I recorded this

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