Friday Night Funkin' - VS. Fanon Chara (REMASTERED) - Undertale x FNF -

Friday Night Funkin’ – VS. Fanon Chara (REMASTERED) – Undertale x FNF

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  1. I have only 3 questions, first why did i watch this, second why does Chara is so damn and lastly why this song is such a banger oh and bonus question why does every song where there is a character so damn the music is a banger

  2. she sounds more like a femboy than a girl

  3. Everything is good but the thick parts…no, they are weirdJust remove the thickness and make it look like normal Chara, and then it would be fine

  4. Look, that is a child..hell fiction exists for a reason.

  5. I see she traded height to be more stacked

  6. looks like a nice mod, good song and nice sprites

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