Friday Night Funkin': VS Fire Whitty Full Week Part 1 + Cutscenes [FNF Mod/HARD] Whitty Fire Fight -

Friday Night Funkin’: VS Fire Whitty Full Week Part 1 + Cutscenes [FNF Mod/HARD] Whitty Fire Fight

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VS Fire Whitty (Whitty Fire Mod) is a Friday Night Funkin’ Mod inspired by Chino’s animation (). The animation was so good that Trake turned it into a playable mod. Both are so talented the mod looks awesome! This is only part 1 with 2 songs (Lo-Fight and Overhead). Hopefully Ballistic will get an update as well. Enjoy!

00:00 Cutscene Preview
00:28 Menu
00:39 Opening Cutscene
00:51 Lo Fight Song (BF VS Whitty)
2:46 Cutscene 2
3:35 Overhead Song (Fire BF vs Fire Whitty)
5:44 Outro

Mid-Effort Whitty Vs. Boyfriend Fire Mod UPDATE!
Key Authors
Trake – Creator:

Original Authors
Sock.clip – Artist and Song Composer / FNF Whitty Author
Nate Anim8 – Charter, Secondary Animator, and Play Tester
KadeDeveloper – Original mod’s coder
bbpanzu – Original mod’s secondary coder

Special Thanks
Shadow Mario – Engine Provider

Chino’s Animated – Animator for Whitty Vs. Boyfriend Fire
CatTino FNF – Guider in Psych Engine

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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. ⛥ t̷̹͋̑̍̅̋ŕ̷̝̤̱̈͊͘o̸͈̠̼͈͙̎̽l̷̦̫̺̪͂ͅl̴̙̞̰̩̋ͅ guy says:

    He returns

  3. Despite the departure of the original creator, the mod will always be the number one.

  4. Bonniesworldwithfoxy but has no more channel says:

    It doesn’t look like the one on chinos animated but I think it’s still good

  5. Oh. So this is animation when im watch

  6. I don't want to imagine how ballistic would be in this version!

  7. Realized that both Lo-fight and Overhead got recharted, I like the new chart alot! I dont know if that's part of that ballistic remastered update on the original mod, but even if it is, nice job mod devs for making this masterpiece of animation playable!

  8. Old whitty that got deleted 😥 but it's back again but boyfriend has an fire form


  10. I like how their movements are charted to be like their lip syncing.

  11. Matt boxing fight wiik 3 playable when

  12. Bruh my guy can't make animations without people turning em' into actual mods!
    Crazy btw

  13. Merry Christmas everything YouTubers says:

    November 28th 2021

    Friday Night Funkin' Vs Lovelitchi From Tamagotchi!
    Friday Night Funkin' Vs 9-Volt From WarioWare Gold
    Friday Night Funkin' Vs Keroro From Sergeant Keroro Anime

  14. ♡ • s p a g h e t t i g u t s • ♡ says:

    Just walk forward towards the screen they can’t get you my guy.

  15. i like how they updated the girlfriend

  16. called it. who else called it. we all knew it would happen.

  17. Suprising how vs whitty was revived with an all new fire battle

  18. i think we can all agree that boyfriend is a avater

  19. Guys are Tabi mod are gonna update cause It said Coming soon ;v

  20. Didnt the creator of Whitty not want any Whitty stuff being made? Its sad how people cant even respect that.

  21. Great seeing Whitty still isnt forgotten with this new mod

  22. Now this makes me want Whitty as a fighter for Rivals of Aether

  23. "You can't beat, them you join them."
    -Fire Boyfriend 2021

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